Tall water thrill ride coming to Aquatica in 2014

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SeaWorld has promised a new attraction for Aquatica Orlando in 2014, but has been scarce with the details, teasing guests with pictures and video.

What is known is that this attraction will be the tallest of its kind in any Orlando-area water park, as they have been using #NothingTaller in their social media posts. Just how tall? The photo above, which was posted by SeaWorld a few months back, seems to indicate that it will be 105 feet tall.

The video posted to YouTube above seems to suggest the attraction itself will be a body slide that takes guests inside a tube at the top and drops the floor from beneath them, sending them straight down onto the slide. The tallest slide of that kind currently in Orlando is 76 feet tall and can be found at Wet n’ Wild on International Drive.

Stay tuned to our blog as more details are revealed about this mystery addition to Aquatica.


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