“Tangled” themed rest area now open at Magic Kingdom featuring bathrooms and charging area

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The “Tangled” themed rest area is now open at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The new highly themed area features: restrooms, a ‘D-Zone’ charging station, and a game to find the ‘hidden pascals’ throughout the area.

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The centerpiece to this area is the iconic “Tangled” tower above a rocky waterfall, this is situated closest to the Haunted Mansion attraction. And for the first time, Walt Disney World is offering guests a chance to charge their electronic devices for no extra cost in what they call the “D-Zone.” The ‘D-Zone’ in the Tangled area features 6 charging stations, each with two outlets and USB outlets are said to be added in the near future. The new area is intended to link Fantasyland to Liberty Square.


In the new area, there are many details for fans of “Tangled” to find, including 10 hidden Pascals throughout the area, Flynn Rider’s satchel, Maximus’ horse shoe prints, Rapunzel’s guitar and of course, plenty of frying pans.

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The new area is intended to be the new pathway linking Fantasyland to Liberty Square and the old bathrooms across the way are rumored to be closed to make way for an interactive queue for Peter Pan’s Flight. And while Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are not currently meeting and greeting guests in the new area, it is rumored that they will make appearances there from time to time.

New Tangled themed restroom area in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom - Rapunzel tower

Video and photos courtesy of: Daniel Andersson


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  1. Since these bathrooms are right next to the Peter Pan ride, that was an original ride at the Magic Kingdom when it opened in 1971, I suppose one could say, it’s the “new can” right next to the “old Pan.” lol 🙂