The Rumor Queue: Comcast KONGfirms the Return of King Kong to Universal

by Matt Roseboom


By Fowl Owlerson

It’s official. A Comcast executive (Universal’s parent company) has admitted that they’re working on a King Kong ride at Universal Orlando.

We’ve covered it extensively, as well as provided a slew of construction updates along with other outlets and fans alike. The notion of King Kong returning has excited all of us since the rumors started to circulate. The announcement of Skull Island in conjunction with Legendary Pictures, coupled with the positive response to Kong in Universal Hollywood’s Tram Tour, culminated into bringing the big guy back into the spotlight.

In a fourth quarter earnings conference call, Comcast CFO Michael J. Angelakis stated the following:

“As we continue to invest in attractions, including Harry Potter and Fast and Furious in Hollywood and a King Kong attraction in Orlando, investments in our theme park are driving strong returns.”

King Kong will be returning to Universal Orlando Resort, and we can safely assume that this expansion will be in the land under construction between Toon Lagoon and Jurassic Park.

No date was mentioned in the conference call. Rumors suggest a grand opening could happen anywhere from late 2015 to Summer 2016. Judging by Universal’s propensity to debut their new attractions in the summer, the latter seems likely.

It’s clear Comcast is pleased with the success of Universal’s theme park division and will continue to make investments into the resort such as Skull Island. We expect to hear more as construction speeds further along.

Fowl Owlerson, or “Fowly” as he’s affectionately known, has been attending theme parks since he was a spry owlet. When he’s not filtering through the latest murmurings around the industry, he can be seen writing, reading, and snacking on the occasional mouse. Follow him on Twitter @fowlowlerson for the latest rumors or drop an anonymous letter to him at [email protected]

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