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by Brittani Tuttle

We ask you, our readers, to vote for your favorite food, ride, land, or activity at theme parks around the world every week. This time, we’re at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to rank the top 5 rides at the park.

magic kingdom

What will make it to #1 in this week’s Theme Park Poll?

For the purpose of this poll, we evaluated all of the attractions in the park, from big to small. We then read through each answer you shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and compiled the top five. These are the official winners for Magic Kingdom:

magic kingdom

5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the wildest ride in the wilderness! This attraction, located in Frontierland, has a height requirement of 40 inches. From dark caverns to the vast, rustic outdoors, this Magic Kingdom family coaster takes guests on dips, turns and drops around an abandoned gold mine.

Chris Kidder (@ChrisKidder on Twitter): “Big Thunder Mountain! Nearly everyone in the family can ride. Its fast but still fun for all ages. It goes inside & outside, some great turns, hops and drops. You can see fireworks if you’re riding at the right time. And the line most of the year doesn’t get too crazy long.”

Tobias Moran (@TheShellKing on Instagram): “Big Thunder Mountain. It always makes me smile. Riding it at night as the fireworks go off is something everyone needs to experience.”

360° Ride on Big Thunder Mountain Roller Coaster at Disney's Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom

4. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover takes guests on a 10-minute tour of Tomorrowland! This attraction does not have a height or age requirement. During this journey, guests will get sweeping views of the land of Tomorrow, as well as travel inside of Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters.

Mckygrl (@Mckygrl on Twitter): “The people mover (TTA) everyone I’ve taken on it is surprised that they’ve never really paid attention to it and then we end up taking the tour 3-4 times in a day.”

Amy (@aimster_17 on Twitter): “Peoplemover. Because it’s been my favorite ride since I was 3 (I’m now 44).”

360° Ride on TTA PeopleMover at Disney's Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom

3. Space Mountain 

Space Mountain, a thrilling high-speed roller coaster-type ride in-the-dark. This attraction, located in Tomorrowland, has a height requirement of 44 inches. Even being the oldest indoor roller coaster in the world, this ride still brings in some of the highest wait times at Walt Disney World. Total darkness, combined with sporadic turns and drops, makes for an adventurous trip into outer space.

Sunshine State of Mind (@FloridaPodcast on Twitter): “Space Mountain! We went on it as kids and now our kids love it too! Nostalgia factor can’t be beat!”

Andy Guinigundo (@Andy Guinigundo on Facebook): “Space Mountain. It is classic but yet still a very fun thrill ride. It’s not too extreme for the kids. It’s obviously still very popular with guests based on wait times. Definitely an “E” ticket ride.”

Space Mountain ride-through after refurbishment / update in Orlando

magic kingdom

2. Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain, a splish-splashing log flume ride based on the old Disney film, “Song of the South.” This attraction, located in Frontierland, has a height requirement of 40 inches. Guests will drop again and again, going through numerous section of Chick-A-Pin Hill. Guests should expect to get wet on this attraction, from moderately splashed to fully soaked, depending on their luck level.

Katie Morse (@katherinerene on Instagram): “Splash Mountain!! – you can cool off during a hot day, can see the fireworks from it at night with a super short wait time, and it is very nostalgic!”

Magical Orlando Parks (@MagicalORLParks on Twitter): “I love Splash Mountain! It’s so detailed. It also has a great long ride, memorable imagery and music, and beautiful views of Cinderella Castle from the top!”

360° Ride on Splash Mountain at Disney's Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom

1. The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion, where a ghost will follow you home! This attraction, located in Liberty Square, does not have a height or age requirement. The Haunted Mansion will place guests in their own Doom Buggy for a supernatural tour of this ghoul-filled abode. From the stretching portrait chamber to the grand ballroom, this classic Disney attraction continues to bring both fright and delight to the Magic Kingdom.

Sarah Tittlebaum (@shortystuff2003 on Twitter): “Haunted Mansion. Great theming and backstory. Fun queue. And the CMs are a lot of fun. Especially at Halloween when one gets heckled by the characters outside.”

Matt (@Imagineer999 on Instagram): “The Haunted Mansion because it immerses you in a supernatural realm. It really feels like you’ve left reality to be with the 999 Happy Haunts.”

Haunted Mansion Re-Haunting Reopening - New Scenes & Effects

Our community has some of the most knowledgeable theme park fans and experts out there, and thanks to their votes, we have our top 5 rides at the Magic Kingdom. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to share your voice in our next poll.

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Nick January 10, 2019 - 5:22 pm

Sometimes I feel sorry for my American Disney Cousins. In Europe we have Disneyland Paris and while we dont have Splash Mountain or the People Mover we do have exceptionally better versions of Thunder Mountain, The Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain. The latter being a full on rollercoaster with a number of 360 degree turns. If you ever get the chance come and visit the best Magic Kingdom of all the Disney Parks.!

Susan January 13, 2019 - 1:38 am

I really didn’t like the way the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train went from side to side rapidly, from the turns I guess. The visuals were great but I got really motion sick and my back hurt. I’m wondering if Thunder Mountain has that similar FAST turn left right or right left which sort of throws you around. Thanks to anyone for details.

Griffin May 28, 2019 - 10:07 am

I like all the rides. My favorite has to be either Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The People Mover’s also cool. I have a different order:
1. Big Thunder
2. Splash Mountain
3. Space Mountain
4. People Mover
5. Haunted Mansion


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