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Each week, we ask you, our readers, to vote for your favorite food, ride, land, or activity at theme parks around the world. This week, we’re at Epcot at Walt Disney World, for the top 5 countries represented inside this park.

Epcot Spaceship Earth

For the purpose of this poll, we evaluated all eleven countries at Epcot. We then read through each answer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and compiled the top 5. These are the official winners at World Showcase in Epcot:

Morocco Pavilion, Epcot

5. Morocco

Morocco, located next to the Japan and France pavilions in World Showcase. Food lovers can enjoy authentic cuisine from three different locations, quick service at the Tangierine Cafe, and table service at Spice Road Table and Restaurant Marrakesh. Guests can also meet Princess Jasmine periodically throughout the day in the back streets of the Morocco pavilion.

Those looking for entertainment can enjoy the Gallery of Arts and History. Shopping also abounds throughout the pavilion from small knick knacks to larger purchases like full sized rugs and handmade baskets. The Henna tattoos offered here are also very popular.

Writer’s Review: “The Morocco pavilion is easily the most authentic pavilion in World Showcase. Small street corners and random dead ends feel less like a planned theme park and more like an adventure into the true streets of Morocco. It is easy to get lost in the story of this pavilion.”

Kendra (@Vegannanakenni on Instagram): “I love the Morocco Pavilion. It has such a friendly and inviting atmosphere. I love all the restaurants, and even the color palette. It’s kind of my dream to one day spend a day reading, and people watching, and eating in the Morocco pavilion.”

Germany Pavilion, Epcot

4. Germany

Germany, located next to the Italy and China pavilions in World Showcase. Food lovers can get a delicious bite to eat in numerous locations, like a quick service meal at Sommerfest, caramel popcorn and treats at Karamell-Küche or table service at Biergarten Restaurant. Guests can also meet Snow White periodically throughout the day on the edge of the pavilion, closer to the Outpost section of World Showcase.

Those looking for entertainment can enjoy the live music during their meal at the Biergarten Restaurant or head outside to the model train exhibit. Shopping comes in all forms, from tasty caramel treats to fine wine and German boot mugs. The outdoor bar is famous for its grapefruit beer, Schöfferhoffer.

Writer’s Review: “The Germany pavilion always attracts a crowd, and that crowd has one of two missions, beer or caramel. Left for candy, right for adult treats. The caramel corn in Germany is fantastic and a perfect snack as you peruse the shops.”

Pauline Potts (@heartofkentuckytravel on Instagram): “My husband passed away almost 3 years ago. We lived in Germany while he was in the Army. The Germany pavilion was like going home for us. Now when I visit it , I remember all the wonderful times we had and I drink a beer in loving memory of my wonderful husband.”

France Pavilion, Epcot

3. France

France, located next to Morocco and the U.K. pavilions in World Showcase. Food lovers have an over-abundance of options, like the famous bakery, Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie, ice cream at L’Artisan Des Glaces, or table service at Monsieur Paul or Chefs De France. There are also numerous food options on the promenade, with choices like ice cream on crepes and tastes of wines. Guests can also meet Belle periodically throughout the day near the bridge to the U.K. pavilion.

Those seeking entertainment can see a relaxing film through France during Impression de France or watch a daring live street-act, Serveur Amusant. Shopping range from take home souvenirs of the Eiffel Tower to high-end perfumes and wines. France is currently in a massive expansion period, with a new Ratatouille ride in the near future!

Writer’s Review: “France’s bakery is second-to-none. Every single item is a delicious treat that comes at a reasonable price. I highly recommend purchasing a baguette for your walk around World Showcase. They are freshly baked and incredibly cheap for a snack that will help with the extra adult drinks you will surely enjoy along the way.”

N.L. (@Nyniteach on Instagram): “France! The bakery, the ice cream, set up and shops. It feels like you are in Paris.”

Japan Pavilion, Epcot

2. Japan

Japan, located next to the American Adventure pavilion and the Morocco pavilion in World Showcase. Food lovers can grab a bite at the counter service locations, Kabuki Cafe and Katsura Grill, or try table service at Teppan Edo or Tokyo Dining. Smaller bites of candy or treats can also be purchased from the merchandise store downstairs.

Guests seeking entertainment can enjoy the drum show Matsuriza, or head inside to the Bijutsu-kan Gallery which is currently featuring, Kawaii, cute culture. The Mitsukoshi department store on the first floor offers a plethora of Japanese merchandise. Guests can expect to purchase items from the Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z franchise, or go as high-end as fine jewelry and kimonos. Guests can also partake in the Pick-A-Pearl activity where they can, for a fee, choose an oyster to have opened up with the hopes of a large pearl inside.

Writer’s Review: “The Japan pavilion offers merchandise unlike any other in World Showcase. You can truly pickup anything your mind could imagine when you think of Japanese souvenirs, especially in the candy and drinks department. Plus, the Cast Members are top-notch for their courtesy and willingness to teach you about their culture.”

Yvonne Mick (@YvonneMick on Facebook): “The Japanese Pavilion will always be my families favorite! Where else in World Showcase can you experience the taste of a country by eating flavorful Japanese shaved ice while sitting by a relaxing multi-level Koi pond, or enjoy sushi for lunch while listening to the beat of the Taiko drums that tell a story…Then finish your stay with a much needed walk admiring the beautiful architecture that abounds this area…We love Japan at Epcot”

Mexico Pavilion, Epcot

1. Mexico

Mexico, located next to one of the entrances to World Showcase and the Norway Pavilion in World Showcase. Food fans can head to numerous locations, inside and out, for a taste of Mexico. Guests can grab a table service meal at La Hacienda de San Angel, San Angel Inn or La Cava del Tequila. They can also grab a quick service meal or snack from La Cantina de San Angel or Choza de Margarita. Guests can also meet Donald Duck periodically throughout the day on the promenade near the transition to the Norway pavilion.

Those on the look out for entertainment can enjoy Mariachi Cobre, take a look through the Mexico Folk Art Gallery, or embark on a ride on the Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros. The pavilion offers a wide selection of Mexico influenced merchandise from oversized sombreros to maracas and authentic Mexican candy. La Cava del Tequila is famous for its wide selection of very strong drinks. Guests who start here rarely ever complete their drinking-around-the-world challenge.

Writer’s Review: “I voted for Mexico as Epcot’s greatest pavilion! It is the only pavilion that is mostly indoors, offering a unique constant-night view of a Mexican town square. Combine that fun look with controlled good ‘weather’ indoors, a fun boat ride and delicious food to create a real winner at Epcot.”

Shan Machado (@ShantalManchado on Twitter): “Mexico for sure! I feel like it’s one of the most authentic pavilions, they have the yumiest food in a quick service, two amazing restaurants, the best drinks at la @cavadeltequila, a super cute boat ride and the #1 Donald Duck! Isn’t that enough?”

Our readers and viewers are some of the most knowledgeable theme park fans and experts out there, and thanks to their votes, we have our top 5 countries in World Showcase at Epcot. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to share your voice in our next poll.

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  1. Going strictly by excellent customer service skills I would have chosen completely different countries. Norway has the most helpful Cast Members and the least helpful Cast Members I have met anywhere at Walt Disney World are in Germany and France.

    At Kringla Og in Norway we were shocked by the large ice waters offered and the helpfulness of the Cast Members with our questions about the foods, flavors, and ingredients during multiple visits.

    I LOVE the pastry at Les Halles but they are not the slightest bit helpful (and I keep going back only for the food. After at least six visits and not one single helpful Cast Member I’d go elsewhere if the food wasn’t incredibly good). In Germany I asked where I could find cuckoo clocks and was told, “if we have any they are over there” accompanied by a hand wave in the general direction. Germany and France are also the ocusnly countries where I’ve seen groups of Cast Members standing around talking amongst themselves and ignoring guests.

    In general, I’ve found, at the risk of sounding xenophobic, that the Cast Members, representing other countries in World Showcase, are not as customer service oriented as they should be. This is partly a training issue and partly cultural, in my opinion.

    Full disclosure: I was a customer service Supervisor for many years.

    1. The Cast Members at the France Pavilion are by far, the rudest and most unfriendly. I always avoid them for multiple occurrences of terrible customer service. It’s unfortunate too since Paris is my favorite city in the world. Ce’st la vie!