Disney hides Pixar Easter Eggs inside Google Street View of Toy Story Land

Keen eyes scanning Google Street View might be able to spot a few Easter Eggs inside Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – planted by Disney themselves!

toy story land

Since the release of the original “Toy Story” film, Pixar’s first, the animation studio has been well-known for hiding Easter Eggs in each of their films and shorts. This practice keeps fans on their toes, searching for references to Pixar inside jokes and references to other films.

When it came time for Toy Story Land to be captured for placement on Google Street View, the team at Disney saw this as their chance to bring this tradition to life in a brand-new way. Working with Pixar, Disney planted eight Easter Eggs and hid them throughout the land on the day it was captured for Google.

The Easter Eggs include:

  • A guest posed as Sid, the main antagonist from the first “Toy Story” film
toy story land
  • A sports jersey with the name “McQueen” and the number 95, referencing Lightning McQueen from “Cars”
  • A guest playing Miguel’s guitar from “Coco”
toy story land
  • A toy version of the Pizza Planet truck, which appears in every Pixar film
toy story land
  • A shirt with the Buy n Large logo, a fictional brand from multiple Pixar films
  • “A113”, a hidden reference to a California Institute of the Arts classroom used by many Pixar animators and figureheads
blue umbrella
  • A pair of guests holding umbrellas that reference the Pixar short, “The Blue Umbrella.”
toy story land
  • A backpack with a luggage tag featuring Nemo from “Finding Nemo.”

You can look around Toy Story Land’s Google Street View for yourself here.


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