Triotech announces new dark ride project with Clifton Hill

Triotech and Clifton Hill have announced that a major new dark ride attraction will be installed in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


Set to open next summer, the attraction will be called “Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride,” and will showcase Triotech’s Hyper Ride, an interactive media-based dark ride that features a world’s first in motion technology.

Clifton Hill is located just steps from the majestic Niagara Falls, and hosts millions of guests a year from around the world.

“We have worked with the team at Clifton Hill for many years on several successful attractions,” said Ernest Yale, president and CEO of Triotech. “For us, it is only fitting to deploy this Hyper Ride, with its unique motion technology, working alongside a solid partner in one of the world’s most iconic sites.”

“As a long-standing partner with Triotech, Clifton Hill has introduced many new attraction technologies to the visitors of Niagara Falls over the years,” said Harry Oakes, president of HOCO, Clifton Hill’s parent company. “I am personally very excited to be deploying this new attraction that will complement our wide offering.”

Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride will feature seven interactive scenes, five carts, and programable digital theming inside the attraction, which will occupy approximately 6,000 square feet. The building’s exterior will be completely themed.

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