Trip Report: Adventure Park USA offers surprising thrills

Adventure Park USA is a small family entertainment center in Maryland, about an hour north of Washington, D.C. Most family entertainment centers feature a roller coaster, but not usually anything thrilling – normally an SBF Visa, or maybe a wacky worm. This attraction, however, stands out from other family entertainment centers.

adventure park usa
Photo by Justin S. Landers

By Justin S. Landers

Yeah, sure, the park features the normal arcade, a small family roller coaster, and a few flat rides. Go-karts can be heard running around the track as soon as you park, and a mini-golf course sits on the property. There’s something else you notice from the parking lot though: Two decent-sized roller coasters highlight the skyline of this park. This is a family entertainment center that is actually meant for the whole family, including the older members after more intense thrills.

adventure park usa

The arcade seems to feature a good collection of games, including some newer things, like as a virtual reality shooter. There’s your traditional air hockey table, and other arcade games packed in. Directly outside is a mini-golf course and a few flat rides. Then there’s the coasters.

The park’s kiddie coaster is called Tumbleweed, and there’s nothing special to report about it. It has a wacky worm style layout, and children will love it. What about older guests, though? Well, that’s where Wild West Express and Wildcat come in. Wild West Express is a Zamperla, and features a compact course with a 53-foot drop. Banked turns flow through the layout, with some weird angles for drops that absolutely throw you out of the seat. I was beyond surprised after my first lap. This coaster is not what you expect when you hear Zamperla.

Then there’s Wildcat – a Schwarzkopf. I love Schwarzkopf; every one I’ve ever ridden—especially Colossus at Lagoon—is amazing. These older coasters somehow manage to stay smooth as they age. This particular one is kind of like a wild mouse crossed with a compact layout. The coasters are similar in style, with wild ejector air through the layout that tosses riders around the car.

The park is not very large, but it is directly on the route from D.C. to a lot of other parks. Headed to Hersheypark? It’s just a slight detour. Going to Lakemont to ride the world’s oldest roller coaster? This is a quick and easy stop.

adventure park usa

Just like most family entertainment centers, you can buy individual rides, so it isn’t a hard stop to make for some great rides that will surprise you. The best part? Adventure Park USA had some of the best COVID-19 safety protocols I have seen. With the low crowds, physical distancing isn’t a problem, and face masks are required. One step above others, though? This park is cleaning trains after every rider, which is an easy thing to do with the small crowds it draws.

There’s also a restaurant in the park, so you can grab a quick meal and two great rides! The park’s absolutely worth a visit, and with plenty of land to expand on, who knows what they will build next? I hope to see an RMC Raptor eventually to give them a third great thrill ride, but only time will tell. I am excited to see where they go, but for now, the next time I pass through the area you’ll find me enjoying Wildcat.

Adventure Park USA tour + POV

29-year-old Justin Landers owns Just Shoot Light Multimedia Productions. He has been involved in the amusement and theme park industry since 2013 as a freelance photographer and videographer. You can follow him on Instagram @Inverted_Therapy and Just Shoot Light on YouTube.


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