MerchPass offers early access drawings for high-demand items on shopDisney

shopDisney has introduced MerchPass, a new platform for early access drawings that allows shoppers to enter for the chance to receive purchase opportunities for high-demand items, including the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction series.

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After registering with, guests ages 18 and up can access the MerchPlass platform and enter drawings for purchase opportunities – or to quote an Adventures By Disney Adventure Guide, “shopportunities.” If selected, guests can purchase the product(s), which are automatically added to the Bag in their shopDisney account. Shoppers can enter more than one drawing, but can only enter once in each one. There is also no obligation to purchase, but guests should only enter drawings for products they are actually interested in purchasing to give everyone a fair chance to buy these high-demand items.

How does MerchPass work?

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Each item has its own drawing, so shoppers can enter multiple drawings, but only one entry per drawing is allowed, and only one of each item can be purchased. If you enter for the chance to buy multiple products, each product will have its own drawing, and you may be selected in all, some, or none of them. Drawing selections can’t be changed after submitting an entry, but guests can decide not to purchase a product if their entry is selected.

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If one or more of your entries were selected, you will be notified via email by the time noted on the MerchPass entry page. If you do not receive an email, you were not selected (but double-check spam or promotions folders just to be sure).

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If your entry was selected, the product(s) will automatically be added to your Bag by 5 p.m. PT on the first day of the purchase period. You will then need to log into your shopDisney account to complete your purchase during your limited-time purchase window (the time designated on the MerchPass entry page). You can remove MerchPass products from your Bag if you don’t want to purchase them (there are no fees or penalties for deciding not to buy). You can also add other items from shopDisney to your Bag, but if you don’t complete your purchase during your purchase window, you won’t be able to buy the MerchPass product.

Fast Facts

  • You must be registered with shopDisney to enter (age 18+)
  • Early access drawings are currently only available for guests shopping in the U.S. and for shipment to U.S. addresses
  • Automated or programmed methods of entry or registering with multiple identities or email addresses are not allowed
  • You are entering for an opportunity to purchase an item (or items)
  • If selected, you are not required to purchase the product(s)
  • You can enter more than one drawing, but only one entry per drawing is allowed
  • The opportunity to purchase the product(s) is personal to the selected entrant and can’t be transferred to someone else
  • Selected guests will have a limited time window to purchase their item(s)
  • You can only purchase one of each item

Click here for details and to enter MerchPass drawings.


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