Two Bit Circus is expanding the immersive offerings at its ‘Micro-Amusement Park’ in Los Angeles

Two Bit Circus has taken their “world’s first Micro-Amusement Park” and managed to squeeze even more interactive fun into its 37,000 square feet, as the eclectic downtown Los Angeles location-based entertainment center has recently announced new shows and experiences while also reviving some audience favorites.

Two Bit Circus Micro-Amusement Park
Los Angeles’s Two Bit Circus is expanding with new interactive experiences and returning fan favorites.

Two Bit Circus is a one-of-a-kind indoor attraction encompassing video games, immersive storytelling, escape rooms, and other interactive entertainments. New shows premiering in Club01, Two Bit Circus’ live theater, include:

The Artsy Fartsy Game is a free, monthly series starting in February that introduces music meetups to Circus goers, shining a new light on orchestra critics to create a fun new symphony-loving crowd.
Salty AF Comedy Show offers an ever changing line-up of top comedians just for adults. Shows begin in February.
The Tasting Show: Whiskey Do you love whiskey? Can you tell the difference between Scotch and Bourbon? Can you taste the barrel-aging process? Come challenge your palate. This is offered in addition to The Tasting Game: Wine, another version from The Tasting Game series.

Two Bit Circus games

One of the most prominent returning attractions is 49 Boxes, an 80-player social, story-driven experience where audiences interact with artifacts from the past and collaborate to unlock hidden mysteries. Exclusive run starts February 22nd.

Two Bit Circus door

Another returning fan favorite, Red Flags, added new January dates to their sold-out run at Two Bit Circus. The award-winning and highly interactive theater experience gives audience members one-on-one time with the character Emma. Together, they discover the misunderstandings and unexpected connections of a bad date.

Two Bit Circus also features Cabanas with VIVE virtual reality headsets, customized Midway and Arcade games, escape rooms, and upscale carnival food. The facility is located at 634 Mateo Street in downtown Los Angeles, and is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Two Bit Circus battlezone

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