Uncover secrets of the Santa Monica Pier with the new Secret Story Tour

by Samantha Davis-Friedman

Get your smartphones ready, Los Angeles! The world-famous Santa Monica Pier reveals all its secrets on the Secret Story Tour, an interactive mobile app that allows you to explore the iconic L.A. landmark in a whole new way.

Santa Monica Pier Secret Story Tour
Images courtesy of the Santa Monica Pier

Even if you’ve experienced the Pier before, it’s never been like this. Once you arrive and download the app, a friendly neighborhood sea dragon named Kelpy will guide you through the steps to solve location-based puzzles that unlock secrets and untold stories. You can then use the hidden clues to help you with your digital quest.

The Secret Story Tour will also explain why the Santa Monica Pier was built and what happened to the short-lived, off-shore gambling boat. Plus, you’ll discover new ways you can help preserve the 111-year-old Pier. Last but not least, you will be able to capture one-of-a-kind photos and then share them on social media with #PierSecretStoryTour after you complete the journey.

Santa Monica Pier Secret Story Tour mobile app

The 45- to 60-minute tour is perfect for all ages. You can play alone or in a group, and you can pause/resume as many times as you want.

The Secret Story Tour app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store for $19.99.

Please note that the Santa Monica Pier is open, but the merry-go-round and all Pacific Park rides are currently closed. Click here for information and updates.


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