Universal Classics Pinball brings E.T., Jaws, and Back to the Future tables into virtual reality

Universal Classics Pinball
Universal Classics Pinball has transformed E.T., Back to the Future, and Jaws into virtual reality pinball tables.

You might not be able to ride Jaws or Back to the Future at Universal’s theme parks anymore, but you can now play virtual reality pinball tables inspired by those films with the new Universal Classics Pinball pack for Pinball FX2 VR.

Zen Studios announced that its Universal Classics Pinball expansion pack for Pinball FX2 is now available in virtual reality on Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Gear VR. Universal Classics Pinball includes new VR features for video pinball tables inspired by E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws and Back to the Future.

As with previous Pinball FX2 VR releases, Universal Classics Pinball places pinball machines in the middle of iconic locations, including the forest behind Elliot’s house, a beach villa looking out to an Amity Island sunset, and Hill Valley’s historic town square—complete with a familiar clock tower. Players can expect to see E.T. elongate his head to see what’s happening during his pinball adventure, just as a shark fin circles the Jaws table and Doc Brown drives (or flies) his time machine as players engage with Back to the Future.

In E.T. pinball, E.T. greets you with a wave at the start of each game, levitates planets above your virtual pinball table, and even stretches his neck to see how your game is going. Jaws pinball features a fully animated Jaws that circles you as you play—catch a glimpse of his terrible teeth as he bites into your virtual pinball cabinet, and hold on for dear life as your virtual pinball cabinet floats on a piece of the Orca in the open sea. The Back to the Future pinball travels through different eras of Hill Valley, with a fully animated DeLorean that flies around your virtual pinball table, changing with the eras as you travel through the decades, and a model of the iconic clock tower accompanied by sound effects true to the film.

“For Zen Studios’ first-ever VR tables inspired by popular films, we’re offering up three of the most popular ones we’ve created in recent memory,” says Mel Kirk, Zen’s Vice President of Publishing. “We know that VR players are as hungry as a great white on the Fourth of July for quality new content, and Zen is happy to deliver with Universal Classics Pinball.”

Universal Classics Pinball is available now for $19.99. For more information, visit pinballfx.com and watch this video:

Universal Classics Pinball VR Trailer – Back to the Future! E.T.! Jaws! For Oculus Devices

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