Universal Creative Senior Director recreates his first role as a Jaws skipper

With stay-at-home orders continuing around the country, many fans have taken to social media to recreate their favorite attractions, including one man who decided to relive his days on Amity Island.


Michael Aiello is currently the Senior Director – Creative – Live Entertainment at Universal Creative and working on Universal’s Epic Universe theme park, but many fans know him as one of the masterminds behind Halloween Horror Nights for many years.

Before all of that, Aiello got his start with Universal Orlando Resort at Jaws: The Ride. So to bring, as he states in the video title, “a little bright spot in all this uncertainty,” he has recreated his time as a skipper with Captain Jake’s Amity Boat Tours from the comfort of his home.

A little bright spot in all this uncertainty… from Michael Aiello on Vimeo.


Though Jaws: The Ride closed in Orlando in 2012, fans can still take a scenic voyage around Amity Island at Universal Studios Japan. Take a virtual ride aboard Japan’s version, as well as the final ride ever in Orlando, below:

Jaws Last Ever Public Ride at Universal Studios Florida: The Final Voyage
Jaws Ride at Universal Studios Japan - Multi-Angle POV

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