Universal Studios Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster Testing Video

Track testing has begun on Universal Studios’ upcoming major attraction, the Hollywood RipRide Rockit roller coaster. The new coaster winds its way through the theme park’s streets, over, around, and even through buildings. While the coaster is just now beginning testing, it’s rumored to be opening to the public in early July.

Here’s a video (posted by TheExclusiveKing on YouTube) of the ride’s testing in progress:

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Testing - 5/25/09

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  1. I got to test ride this ride as one of the first guests to ever ride it this past July 16th. The ride to me was simply awesome. From the lift at 90• Degrees to just the music they have put for you to choose, gives you an awesome experience. There’s two big drops to me they are both very fun and exciting. I personally chose Montley Crue’s Kick Start My Heart and it was just perfect for the ride experince. For all the not so rock fanatics there’s about every other genre with six different songs each which I’m sure you are bound to like. The seats scared me because it’s gives you the feeling of falling of all though you are safelt straped on to a lap bar type of security bar. Very safe, im extremely slim and it kept me from falling with a secure grasp. But be warned the lines were from 4 to 2 hours long so be sure to have plenty of time. Overall it’s a unique roller coaster with brand new twists and lifts that are bound to make you want to come back for more… Including your favorite songs.