Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort testing Relay room-service robots

Universal Orlando Cabana Bay Relay room-service robots
Watch out for Relay room-service robots roaming the halls of Universal Orlando’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Watch out Westworld, because a photo posted today on Universal Orlando’s twitter account reveals that the Cabana Bay Beach Resort is now testing Relay room-service robots for delivering items to guest rooms.

Universal Orlando’s official Twitter account posted a photo of a Relay robot on February 28, tagged with the phrase “Testing, testing… ???? #CabanaBayResort.” While there is no formal confirmation yet, it appears that Universal is experimenting with these high-tech automatons, which are designed to ferry small items — like a toothbrush or towel — to guests’ rooms.

Relay is an industrial device developed by Savioke, a robotics company led by Steve Cousins. According to an article from Digital Trends, the “three-foot-tall Relay uses Wi-Fi and on-board cameras and sensors to find its way around corners and along corridors. It also calls the elevator wirelessly and, importantly, automatically alerts the guest once it arrives outside the room.”

We’ll update you if we spot any Relay room-service robots in the wild, but rest assured that Universal Orlando’s human hotel staff will still be available to fulfil your requests.

Here’s a video tour around Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, without any ‘bots, droids, or Replicants (as far as we know).

Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort walkthrough and family suite tour

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