Vision House opens in Innoventions at Epcot, highlighting ‘green’ living


A new home tour has opened in Innoventions East at Epcot. The Vision House, presented by Green Builder Media, highlights the “green” home, and shows off many now available products that will help save energy and protect the enviroment.

The purpose of the Vision House, which opened on Earth Day 2012, is to present green living ideas in a fun and informative manner. The exhibit will showcase a wide spectrum of environmentally appropriate products and options and provide homeowners with real solutions for contemporary green living.

“Sustainable living is about taking personal responsibility,” says Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman. “Through the Vision House in Innoventions, we will illustrate that we can all provide our families with necessities like sustenance, and shelter, as well as comfort and convenience, while simultaneously preserving and protecting the environment.”

As guests take a guided tour of the house, they will explore the major themes of green building, such as whole-home automation; energy generation and efficiency; water conservation; indoor environment quality; and high-performance materials and durability. Along the way, they will encounter many intelligent products and advanced technologies.

The attraction is a part of Green Builder Media’s Vision House Series. These actual residences around the country are designed to demonstrate that a successful building is more than simple shelter — it is an interactive set of systems that combine to create a truly green living environment for inhabitants.

One of the first rooms guests will enter is the living room. Here they’ll learn about the home’s automation system and more. The tours through the house offer no barriers, so guests can check out everything up close.

A close-up look at the wide-screen interactive panel in the kitchen. Here, the family can control parts of the house, look up recipes, check the weather report and more. Although many of the things in the house look futuristic, they’re all available for purchase from the respective companies today.

Guests are touring the home of this family, who “aren’t at home at the moment”. Cast members will tell you how the family lives in the house and what products they’re using to maintain their sustainable lifestyle.

This will probably be the thing most guests will keep talking about after the tour. This toilet raises and lowers the seat with a foot pedal and plays your favorite music. It also has a built-in seat warmer.

The solar panels are a great thing to have, but what’s really revolutionary are these smog-eating roof tiles. They soak in the smog air and filter it. While you’re checking out this roof, turn around and look for a Hidden Mickey.

Just for opening day, a character was playing with some kids and teaching them about recycling. Check out his duct tape pants.

Kids can meet these characters at visionhousegreen.com. The site will tell the story of all the characters pictured here in a fun way. Full cartoons are also planned for the site.

Vision House Photo Gallery:

For more information about the Vision House, watch the May 1, 2012 episode of Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show.


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Allison Jones April 24, 2012 - 10:07 am

Green home at Epcot! Very cool!


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