Walt Disney World gold Fab 50 statues added to Magic Kingdom and Epcot

The 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort is nearly here! Before the celebration begins, the golden character statues of the Fab 50 are to be installed at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. @Brentdodge on Instagram got some shots of Magic Kingdom’s newest additions, and we snagged some shots of the newest Epcot statues on our visit today to see the new Creations Shop.

Figment fab 50 Statue at Epcot.
Photo by @TharinWhitePhotography on Instagram

Walt Disney World will eventually have all the golden character statues placed at the four theme parks, and they will be ready by Oct. 1. For now, Magic Kingdom and Epcot lead the pack with their statues of many famous Disney characters from throughout the company’s history.

These Fab 50 characters represent Disney’s past, present, and future with correlation to movies, shows, and attractions.

Pluto, Orange Bird and Pinocchio fab 50 statues at Epcot.
Photos by @Brentdodge on Instagram

Over at Magic Kingdom, we can see Pluto, Orange Bird and Pinocchio. The statues vary in size, some taking up a whole platform, like Pluto, and others getting smaller spaces to fit their smaller personas, like Orange Bird.

Cogsworth, Lumiere, Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse are in the Magic Kingdom Hub.
Photos by @Brentdodge on Instagram

Some statues are buddied up. Cogsworth and Lumiere are seen together near Cinderella Castle. Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse are also in the Magic Kingdom Hub area.

Stitch and the Cheshire Cat's fab 50 sit in unconventional places at the Magic Kingdom.
Photos by @Brentdodge on Instagram

Make sure to look in unconventional places, as not all of the character statues are located on pedestals. Stitch can be seen climbing the Tomorrowland Purple Wall, while the Cheshire Cat can be seen up a tree near the Mad Tea Party attraction in Fantasyland.

Rocket, Groot, Figment, Olaf and Bruni golden character statues at Epcot.
Photos by @TharinWhitePhotography on Instagram

Over at Epcot, numerous characters welcome you to the World Showcase area of the park. Figment, Epcot’s famous dragon of imagination, stands wild, proud and free on the main promenade leading from Future World to World Showcase. Rocket and Groot stand together, as does Olaf and Bruni.

Close-up on Rocket and Groot fab 50 statue.
Photo by @TharinWhitePhotography on Instagram.

This close up showcases the craftsmanship that was put into these creations. While these statues will be here for Walt Disney World’s 18-month 50th anniversary celebration, we don’t know their what their exact fate will be afterward. Perhaps they will find new homes at the Disney-owned film studios that created this colorful cast of characters, or could they be donated to children’s hospitals around Florida? Maybe some will be auctioned off to the most dedicated fans. We can’t know for sure, but their presence in person suggests there were built to last a long, long time.

Pua and Heihei are buddied up in their golden character statue at World Showcase.
Photos by @TharinWhitePhotography on Instagram

Heihei and Pua from Disney’s animated film, “Moana,” are also at Epcot. Some day in the future, Moana will get her first attraction experience at Epcot with Journey of Water – Inspired by Moana.

Keep an eye out for the new Fab 50 collection of golden statues on your next Walt Disney World visit. Of the characters announced, who are you most excited to see?


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