Want to own an amusement park? Here’s your chance

Founded in 1907, the Clementon Park in New Jersey will be sold at auction March 23. The property will be sold in its entirety or pieces, starting with its 25-acre lake and dam, amusement rides, water park and liquor license. 

amusement park

It was originally founded as a ‘trolley park,’ which were parks built at the end of a trolley line to encourage ridership on weekends and provide some fun to riders. Theodore Gibbs and his two sons founded the park, and it was family owned until it was bought by the investment group Premier Parks back in 2011.

The park has been closed since Sept. 19, 2019.  Less than two hours away, Sea Life aquarium and Legoland will be opening up next spring. More info on that here.

Want to own your own amusement park? Prospective bidders can register online.


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