Warner Bros. 100th anniversary features company-wide campaign

Warner Bros. 100th anniversary celebration features “Celebrating Every Story,” a company-wide 2023 campaign with a new documentary, an expansive roster of physical media, and an array of other experiences.

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Celebrating Every Story

The company announced the centennial with a five-minute video narrated by Morgan Freeman. The sizzle reel highlights some of WBD’s most beloved productions old and new, from “Casablanca” and “Harry Potter” to “The Dark Knight” and “Abbott Elementary,” and everything in between.

WB 100: Celebrating Every Story

In the video, Freeman says, “At Warner Bros., we’re storytellers. … Every story, no matter its size, is worthy of being told. 100 years and countless more ahead. Join us in celebrating every story.” (Incidentally, theme park fans may remember when Morgan Freeman similarly narrated the 2012 nighttime spectacular at Universal Studios Florida that marked Universal’s centennial of its own.)

Celebrate Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary From Home

Various Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) programming platforms will participate in the centennial, including the premiere of a three-part documentary on HBO Max about Warner Bros. history and add a page reserved for WB titles. Elsewhere, “Extra” will air interviews from its archives of behind-the-scenes Warner Bros. coverage and TCM will air iconic Warner Bros. films year-round.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will also pull out all the stops for the centennial celebration with a lineup of digital, Blu-ray, and DVD releases, including a 100-film collection, four 25-film volumes, complete television series sets, “best-of” television show compilation volumes, and 12 remastered 4K Ultra-High Definition releases of favorite WB properties.

Warner Bros. history exhibit during Studio Tour
Storytellers Showcase at Warner Bros. Studio Tour.
Photo by Samantha Davis Friedman

Celebrate Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary at Live Events

A number of live events invite fans to take part in the Warner Bros. 100th anniversary celebration themselves. The popular Candlelight Concert Series will perform a special WBD-themed show at 100 stops worldwide. Meanwhile, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. will host screenings of classic WB films.

In February, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood will open an exhibit exploring the history of the company. The Studio Tour will add more, to-be-announced enhancements later in 2023.

WBD will also recruit filmmakers from different communities to create a new short film honoring the studio’s 100 years.

“The name Warner Bros. is synonymous with entertainment, and we are honored to be celebrating this iconic studio’s centennial and the rich heritage that stretches back to the four brothers who founded it in 1923,” said David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery. “Over the past 100 years, Warner Bros. has created some of the most recognizable and beloved films, TV shows, and characters ever made, and has been the place for impactful storytelling that both defines and reflects our culture. We are excited about our company’s bright and dynamic future and, as we embark on its second century, to continue to tell the kind of great stories that entertain, inform, and inspire audiences around the world.”

More details can be found on the official Warner Bros. 100th anniversary website.

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