Warner Bros. Movie World Fright Nights to bring ‘Zombieland,’ ‘It’ to life

Halloween season is quickly approaching, and Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia is getting in on the action with Fright Nights, their annual haunt event.

warner bros. movie world

This year’s event features five mazes, four scare zones, four escape rooms (at an additional cost), and access to select rides from 6-10 p.m. each event night. The event will take place over nine nights:

  • Saturday, Sept. 28
  • Friday, Oct. 4
  • Saturday, Oct. 5
  • Friday, Oct. 11
  • Saturday, Oct. 12
  • Friday, Oct. 18
  • Saturday, Oct. 19
  • Friday, Oct. 25
  • Saturday, Oct. 26



fright nights

Follow in the footsteps of The Losers Club as they battle to survive the terror of the shape-shifting Pennywise. You’ll see 17 of the films’ iconic locations and scenes, including the Library scene, Projector scene, and the Well House – but will Pennywise get the last laugh?

Zombieland: Double Tap

The only way to make it out of the United States of Zombieland is to learn the rules of survival and follow them. Follow the journey of Columbus and Tallahassee as they learn to exist in this post-apocalyptic world. Remember Rule #17: Don’t be a Hero – you just might make it out alive.

This maze will be true to the new film, offering the same humor and style of the franchise alongside plenty of scares. The maze will feature 10 themed rooms that reference scenes from “Zombieland: Double Tap.”

Doll Haus

warner bros. movie world

Obsessed with making lifelike dolls, Herman Schuster’s creations were beloved by the world. But his work never satisfied him, so Schuster began to experiment with different materials to create the perfect piece. But when people in the local village started to disappear, all eyes turned to him. Will you be the next victim?

This original maze will feature 10 scenes that unravel the crimes of a psychotic doll maker – the deeper you go, the more disturbing it gets.


fright nights

Leatherface returns for the maze’s final year at Warner Bros. Movie World Fright Nights! One of cinema’s most iconic monsters has been unleashed for one last kill. Enter the twisted world of the Sawyer clan in this graphic and disturbing maze – and hope that you make it out with all your limbs intact.

This maze is based on the film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and the character Leatherface. Guests will encounter relentless, multi-sensory scares, so this is definitely not one for the faint of heart.

House of Kain

warner bros. movie world

House of Kain returns for its final year at Fright Nights. In this maze, the Kain Hotel, known for turning travelers into corrupt and twisted versions of their former selves, is open for business once again. Think twice before you check in… because you might never check out!

This original maze created by Warner Bros. Movie World features six rooms filled with graphic content that will nearly scare you to death!

Scare Zones

Hell Born

fright nights

Hell has taken hold of the iconic Fountain of Fame. With a live heavy metal stage spewing flames and demonic creatures torturing the innocent, the Hell Born precinct (scare zone) will offer a devilishly good time.


warner bros. movie world

You’ll wish you were dreaming when you step into this Main Street precinct, as nightmarish creatures come to life. Here you’ll find the things that go bump in the night, the creatures that leave you frozen in bed, unable to move or scream. You can’t hide, so embrace the darkness – you just might like it.

Baby Faced Killers

fright nights

Don’t be fooled by these baby faces, as they only have one desire: to kill. Some do it to eat, others do it for sport, but these monsters kill for fun. Stay on your guard, as these masked killers are on the prowl.

Dead West

warner bros. movie world

Life in the wild west is hard – rattlesnakes, coyotes, rustlers, and now zombies! All of a sudden, there are a lot of empty graves in town. Those saloon girls might look good from a distance, but get too close and they might bite your face off. If you have a craving for flesh, just head Dead West. You can’t miss it.

Escape Rooms

For an extra cost, guests can test their might in Panic Rooms – themed escape rooms available during Fright Nights.

Fallout Shelter

fright nights

Three world leaders walked into a bar, and let’s just say, it didn’t end well! There are only 20 minutes between now and a nuclear explosion! As the team staffing the P.E.O.C. (Presidential Emergency Operations Center), it’s your job to input the Gold Codes and save humanity. Search for clues and see if you can figure out the codes, but remember: the nuclear holocaust waits for no man!

Satan’s Coven

warner bros. movie world

There have been whispers about the local woods… some say that dark magic is performed there. You’re much deeper in the woods than you intended and now have no idea how to get home when a strange fog rolls in. Loud screams, cackles, and moans fill the night. You were relieved to find a cabin, but now your hair is standing on end… you have to get out of here, and fast before the residents return home!


fright nights

“A luxury African Safari,” they said. Now that everything has gone horribly wrong, you have to escape this blood-soaked jungle hospital in the heart of Africa. Will you survive the lethal virus, machine gun-wielding militia, apex predators and the looming starvation and dehydration? Get out fast or face certain death!

Dark Room

warner bros. movie world

Your mentor, world-renowned photojournalist and investigative reporter Chuck Bent, has been on the heels of a serial killer nicknamed The Gut Ripper. He went deep undercover to break the story, but there have been threats made against his life and now he’s missed his deadline. It’s now up to you to find if he’s just undercover, or if something much worse has happened. Find as many clues as you can in his home office and darkroom – and pray you don’t come face-to-face with The Gut Ripper.

To learn more about Fright Nights at Warner Bros. Movie World, and to purchase tickets, visit FrightNights.com.au.


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