What is best to wear at Walt Disney World?

If you’re going to spend the money to travel to Walt Disney World, you might as well dress for the occasion, right? Comfort is key if you’re going to last all day. What happens when the Sunshine State doesn’t live up to its name, and it’s cold and wet? It’s best to be prepared and dress accordingly. So, what is best to wear at Walt Disney World?

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By Dani Dennison Meyering

Disney’s dress code

There are some things that cannot be worn at Walt Disney World. And although Disney does lay out its official guidelines, they reserve the right to ask a guest to change their clothing before being permitted into the parks for any health, safety, or perceived obscenity reasons.

Essentially any clothing that can be deemed unsafe, such as too long and a potential tripping hazard is not allowed. Clothing that consists of multiple layers is subject to potential search. Any clothing that has offensive scenes, wording, and otherwise not befitting of a family-friendly park is not permitted.

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Costumes cannot be worn by any guests older than 14 years of age. The exceptions to this are during special events such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, as well as clothing that is inspired by the Star Wars universe when visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Anything that can resemble a weapon is not permitted, including with children’s costumes. Masks are not permitted, other than approved facial coverings for health and safety reasons.

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Star Wars universe-inspired clothing can be worn, though this is meant for guests to do so at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Wearing Star Wars-inspired garb has its own guidelines. No robes, or other long, draping garments may be worn. No military style clothing is permitted, either. Of course, the regular guidelines apply as well, including no accessories that resemble weapons can be worn.

Finally, clothing that is extremely revealing or exposes an excessive amount of skin is subject to discretion as well. Walt Disney World is a family-friendly park with a legacy of being a safe and comfortable place for families. Clothing worn by Disney park guests should fall in line with such an environment.

What is the weather like at Walt Disney World?

Besides Disney’s clothing policy, you’re going to want to pay attention to the weather. Although Orlando doesn’t have the extreme cold weather of the north, it can still have some brisk days. And with it being so humid, hot temperatures, as well as cold, feel even stronger.

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In January and February, the average high can be in the very low 70’s (degrees Fahrenheit), with lows themselves being in the 50’s. When spring arrives in March, temperatures quickly accelerate to the upper 70’s. By June, the high will reach 90ºF or more, with July and August being absolutely brutal. Temperatures do not get more tolerable until October where the average is 84ºF.

It can rain in Central Florida any time of year. From June until October, it can rain anywhere from six to eight inches each month – so if you’re planning a summer vacation to Walt Disney World, pack rain gear.

Besides rain gear, it is a good idea to wear breathable clothing in the summer. Material known as “performance wear” is perfect for hot temperatures. Many people who fish or participate in other outdoor activities in the summer wear this breathable material, which often has a UV protection rating too. You’ll find clothing made of this material allows for the heat and humidity to escape rather than cling to you the way cotton or polyester does.

Layers are a good idea when traveling to Walt Disney World in the fall or winter. There can be brisk mornings, perfect for cozy and warm clothing. Once that Florida sunshine is up long enough, things can easily warm up by mid-day. So start the day off with a jacket layered on top of clothing that isn’t too heavy, and make sure the jacket can easily fit in a backpack.

Best shoes to wear at Walt Disney World

You’re going to walk a lot at Walt Disney World. You will walk far more steps that you typically do at home. Do you really want to walk so many steps in uncomfortable or impractical shoes? Close toed, athletic style shoes are best.

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In fact if you have a sports or running store in your community, give them a visit. Let the folks there know you are headed to Walt Disney World and will do a lot of walking. Chances are the staff can help you find some walking shoes that will do the trick.

Just be sure to break in your shoes before you get to Walt Disney World. Breaking in brand new shoes is not very magical, even if it is at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Final thoughts on what to wear at Walt Disney World

Although you may be on vacation, it is a good idea to think of your trip to Walt Disney World as a very physical activity. Besides doing lots of walking, you’re likely to climb stairs and steps throughout the day, as well as bending to get in and out of ride vehicles. Flexible fabric and unrestrictive clothing are your friends. Looking great in your Disney photos is important, but so is comfort.


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