Wild Florida offers nearly-free admission during Gator Week!

Wild Florida has announced the return of Gator Week, offering nearly-free Gator Park admission from May 24-29, with a donation of whatever spare change visitors can rustle up.

Wild Florida Gator Week

Wild Florida’s Gator Week is a week-long celebration of all things alligator, and from May 24-29 visitors can celebrate almost-free entry into the Gator Park just by donating whatever spare coins they have on hand.

Found a few pennies between the cushions of your sofa? Have a handful of change rattling around in the footwell of your car? Even that will be enough to buy your entry into Wild Florida’s Gator Park. Bring along any amount you’d like to donate, large or small, and help the park reach its goal of collecting the same weight in cash as the park’s 65-year-old, 13-foot-long gator, Crusher.

Gator Week in 2020 was a success, and this year holds the promise of even more excitement.

Sam Haught, co-owner of Wild Florida, is out to educate visitors about these fascinating reptiles. “We look forward to this event all year,” he says, “and we’re excited to celebrate alligators with visitors in fun new ways. From alligator cake decorating contests to gator ‘jump-a-thons,’ we love that these demonstrations and activities build a connection between our guests and our environment in creative and unique ways.”

Wild Florida baby gators

Gator Week really is Florida’s “most wonderful time of the year,” with festivities that include live music, spectacular shows, an eating contest, myth busting experiments, alligator trivia, and, for the first time ever, a huge birthday party for National Alligator Day on May 29.

Join in the fun, and be sure to check out albino alligators Blizzard and Snowflake, proud parents of 18 new eggs, the third clutch the pair has produced.

All of the loose change collected during Gator Week will be donated to CrocFest crocodillian charity.

To view the daily schedule, visit GatorWeek.com. For more information on Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park, and the Drive Thru Safari Park, visit WildFloridaAirboats.com.


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