Will I fit on Tron Lightcycle / Run roller coaster?

Disney’s high-speed launching roller coaster, Tron Lightcycle / Run, features an iconic musical score and stunning show building exterior, but some fear they might be uncomfortable or not be able to fit on this ride’s unique restraint system. If you’ve wondered if you’ll fit, we have an up-close look to show you how to sit correctly on Tron Lightcycle / Run.

Will I fit on Tron Lightcycle / Run roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom?

If you have ridden Avatar – Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you will have a general understanding of this ride vehicle. However, this isn’t an exact copy, which leads means many to ask, “will I fit on Tron Lightcycle / Run?”

Tron Lightcycle Run back restraint and knee pins.

Tron’s ride restraint system has three main areas: The back restraint, the knee pin, and the handlebars. Most people online who have reported issues with the ride tend to have problems with the knee pins, but not the back restraint. In fact, from my experience, the back restraint allows for ample movement and didn’t feel restraining at all.

Adjustable leg rests on Tron Lightcycle / Run seats.

At first, these seats will feel a little uncomfortable, but once you settle in, it gets much better. On the tester bikes, Disney offers these suggestions for how to best get in:

  1. Kneel on the leg rests (this will be the initial uncomfortable part)
  2. Lean your body forward letting your weight rest primarily on your chest (this will take away from the shin pressure)
  3. Reach out and grab the handlebars

As you pull the handlebars towards you, the back restraint lower and the knee pins will move forward. From my experience, you will need to pull harder than you think. You’ll need to use a bit of a forceful pull (especially when laying down), but don’t be afraid the back restraint will fall down on you on its own.

The leg rests move more than you may expect, and moving farther forward into the leg rests will give you more room. This body movement will also take pressure off your shins as you lay more on your chest.

Close-up on leg pins for those who ask "Will I fit on Tron" ride.

For those who have ridden so far and have had issues, most say it was with the knee pin. As you can see, the knee pin comes right to the leg rest. Depending on how you lay your body, you can give your legs more room. This should be your focus if you’re nervous about being comfortable and fitting on Tron Lightcycle / Run.

Leg rests adjust a lot, allowing for more comfort and leg room.

When you let your body sink and kneel onto these leg rests, they will move with you, giving your knees and calves more room for the knee pins. It will also make the ride more comfortable, as your body will be placed more on the chest area, taking away shin pressure. This is important, especially for the initial launch.

Tron Lightcycle / Run handlebars and tester seats.

There is a set of tester vehicles located before the Lightning Lane scan-in entrance. This tester area is a great place to get comfortable with how the restraints work. It’s also a great group photo-op (although the Tron Lightcycle / Run ride also has a photo and video moment during the attraction).

The highlighted yellow handlebars are what you will need to grab and pull towards you to activate the back restraint and knee pins. As I mentioned, they were stronger than I expected. You will have to add some force to pull them towards you. Just don’t pull overly-excessive and hit yourself in the back.

Bioreconstruct on Twitter got photos of the secondary option. Unfortunately, these back row accessible seats are not on every coaster train, so those who are transferring from wheelchairs or choose to take this larger seating option will have to wait additional time for a vehicle. These seats offer a more traditional lap restraint system, like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. If you are uncomfortable or do not fit on the Lightcycle seats, this option could be for you – and outside of necessity, some riders actually prefer this seat. It offers a fantastic view of the Lightcycles glowing as they rush over the queue and into The Grid for the initial launch.

As always, the Disney cast members are there to help, so you just need to ask for assistance. You can also ask questions outside the ride queue, ask for help at the tester seat, or let a cast member know if you wish to use the back row with more accessible seats once you get indoors.

Tron Lightcycle / Run Photopass opportunity.

As a die-hard Tron fan, I understand the anxiety about wanting to fit and ride on a Lightcycle.

For clarity, I am 6’2″ and had no issues getting on this ride. Once I positioned myself, the vehicle was comfortable, but it did take a second to place myself correctly. I had ample room, length-wise, to fit my legs. For riders who are taller than me, I believe the focus should be adjusting on the leg rests.

I rode with friends who worried about larger abdomens and chests and if that would cause them not to fit. They also fit quite easily. As I mentioned, the back restraint was very forgiving and actually allows riders to sit up more than I expected.

This doesn’t mean everyone will have the same experience. I understand there have already been some guests who could not fit and they shared their experiences. When attending my preview, I saw numerous riders become anxious about getting on, only to be surprised when they fit. That’s why I wanted to explain how these seats work, so others don’t go to this ride with anxiety instead of excitement.

I strongly suggest trying out the tester seats to get used to this ride system. It’s certainly unique, even when compared to other similar-style ride restraints like Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure or Avatar – Flight of Passage. And don’t forget there is also the back row with more accessible seating options.

How To Sit and Fit Right on Tron Lightcycle / Run Roller Coaster Bike Seats at Magic Kingdom

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  1. Thanks for the review Tharin
    A little off topic, but does the ride offer a single rider line or will it eventually when it fully opens up to all guests?

    1. From my view, no, the ride didn’t appear to have a single rider line. I also don’t think this ride will need one. There is ample time between vehicles and two loading platforms. The Cast Members for our previews did an excellent job filling every vehicle. I assume this will continue to happen. But, there was one section of the building closed off near the exit, this could be a back entrance that could one day be used for Single Riders, but I find it unlikely.