‘Within Our Walls’ immersive theatre experience now playing through July in Southern California

by Jeff DePaoli

“Within Our Walls” is a voyeuristic piece of immersive theater mixed with a sense of cinematic-storytelling and a touch of haunted house elements. This dark and moody piece is the brainchild of Sam Kellman, a young college student with a resume of projects far beyond what you would expect from a person his age.

within our walls immersive theater

For thirteen Halloweens, Sam impressed neighbors and industry folks alike with his impressive home haunts. More recently, he was selected to direct a TV bumper for the television series “Chucky.” And now, home from college for summer break, he’s opened his first professional interactive experience entitled “Within Our Walls.” This live production is an ambitious undertaking, yet once again, Sam made it happen and is delighting audiences with his original experience in Southern California.

As an audience member, you will voyeuristically eye traumatic events taking place in a suburban home after the recent death of a young family member. The action is seen through cracks in the home’s walls, and you are indeed within their walls. The action takes places in three rooms, the kitchen, living room, and a bedroom, and the audience is given free reign to peer into the room of their choice at any given time.

within our walls immersive theater

“Mourning the recent loss of their young daughter, the Pierce family must endure the trials and tribulations of a home atmosphere tainted with grief… paired with the fact that something may or may not be living inside the walls of their house– and YOU might just be that something.”

within our walls immersive theater

It should be noted that due to the show’s subject matter and intense nature, “Within Our Walls” will not admit anyone under 16 years of age. Elements of the show may be considered disturbing or unsettling as it leans into the realm of psychological horror. “Within Our Walls” is now running on select nights through July 30, 2022. Tickets can be purchased at WithinOurWalls.show.

NOW OPEN | Within Our Walls

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