Wondrous Journeys theme song will be available to stream on March 3

The nighttime spectacular Wondrous Journeys debuted at Disneyland on Jan. 27, 2023, as part of the Disney100 celebration, and on March 3, 2023, the Wondrous Journeys theme song, “It’s Wondrous” will be available to stream across all major music platforms.

Wondrous Journeys theme song
Photos courtesy of Disneyland Resort

The projection and fireworks show pays tribute to 100 years of Walt Disney Animation Studios with memorable moments and music from every one of the studio’s 62 films to date.

Wondrous Journeys theme song
Photo by Samantha Davis-Friedman

The Wondrous Journeys theme song, “It’s Wondrous,” written by Alex Geringas and Duddy Brown and performed by Devon Garcia and Rudi, follows a similar path as Disney animation. Just as animators begin with a spark of an idea that grows to become something magical, the song starts with an intimate verse and builds to a “joyous celebration” in the chorus.

Wondrous Journeys theme song
Photo by Samantha Davis-Friedman

During the show, 18 Disney songs are interwoven with theme song elements to create a musical through-line, including a melodic refrain the creative team dubbed “the butterfly call.” And as Wondrous Journeys reaches its finale, the theme song returns as a “triumphant and exuberant, orchestrally supported crescendo,” which is then followed by a soul-funk “walk out” version of “It’s Wondrous,” arranged and performed by Lawrence that, according to Walt Disney Imagineering Global Head of Music Tricia Holloway, sends guests home “with a pep in their step.”

Wondrous Journeys theme song

At 12 a.m. ET on March 3, 2023, both versions of “It’s Wondrous” – the main theme song performed by Devon Garcia and Rudi and the show exit version, performed by Lawrence –can be streamed across all major music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes Store, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music.

Click here for more information (the link will populate at midnight on March 3, 2023).

You can listen to the Wondrous Journeys theme song and see our video of the entire nighttime spectacular below.

“It’s Wondrous” – “Wondrous Journeys” Nighttime Spectacular Main Theme | Disneyland Resort
Multi-cam Wondrous Journeys Nighttime Spectacular at Disneyland Resort

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