World of Barbie attraction makes its global debut

In May, we offered a sneak peek of what Barbie fans could expect from the World of Barbie interactive attraction, and today, July 22, 2022, World of Barbie is making its global debut in Canada.

World of Barbie - Barbie Dreamhouse
Photos courtesy of World of Barbie

Brought to life by live entertainment company Kilburn Live in partnership with Mattel, the 30,000-square-foot World of Barbie debut at Square One in Mississauga, Ontario, features life-size installations that will spark imagination and nostalgia in generations of Barbie fans.

“World of Barbie has come together in a truly spectacular fashion, with vivid colors, precise design details, and the sheer scope of immersive environments,” says Kilburn Live CEO Mark Manuel. “This world premiere is a major achievement in terms of accurately recreating a world that is familiar to so many fans of Barbie.”

With over 250 careers (and counting), Barbie has symbolized a world of limitless potential and opportunity since 1959. World of Barbie is designed to represent that same inspiration and empower visitors with the belief that they can do anything.

“World of Barbie is an exciting immersion into the lifestyle of Barbie, where guests can step into her world, and discover and revel in installations that are meticulously curated to cultivate dreams,” says Mattel’s Senior Director of Location-Based Entertainment Julie Freeland. “Fans of all ages can imagine endless possibilities for themselves, while walking in her footsteps as a scientist, designer, news anchor, astronaut, and much more.”

World of Barbie installations include:

  • Barbie Dreamhouse – Guests can explore Barbie’s iconic Dreamhouse, complete with a patio and ball pit pool.
  • Camper Van – Fans can take the wheel in this full-size camper van, built by leading car customization shop, West Coast Customs.
  • Barbie Interstellar Airways – Visitors can travel through the stars, track objects on radar, and report to mission control aboard this one-of-a-kind space shuttle.
  • Music Production Studio – Guests can play DJ, try out instruments, and dance to the beat of epic tunes.
  • Barbie TV Center – Visitors can interview guests, deliver a weather report, and broadcast breaking news on the set of “The Barbie Show.”
  • Fashion Runway – Guests can walk the pink carpet and pose inside six iconic Barbie boxes. 
  • Interior Design Studio – This space features designer vignettes of a hobby room, a lounge, a kitchenette, and a beauty studio. 
  • Barbie Laboratory – From a Barbie-styled periodic table to microscopes and chemical reactions, fans can discover their inner scientist.
  • Barbie Dreambuilder – Exclusive to World of Barbie, this experience allows guests to create their own customized Barbie set by selecting from dozens of dolls, fashions, and accessories. The price for the Barbie Dreambuilder kit is $65.
World of Barbie Museum
World of Barbie Museum

Barbie fans will also be able to visit the World of Barbie Museum, which showcases Barbie’s evolution through dolls, dreamhouses, and cars from different decades, and walk through her neighborhood (reminiscent of a Walk of Fame), with each street carrying names that are integral to the brand, including Barbie Boulevard, Ken Lane, Daisy Drive, Nikki Avenue, and Skipper Street.

World of Barbie

The World of Barbie Café serves sweet treats and afternoon tea. Online reservations for the café are available with select VIP ticket purchases; walk-up guests may be served based on availability.

Fun Facts About Barbie

  • Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts
  • Barbie is from (fictional) Willows, Wis.
  • Barbie’s official birthday is March 9, 1959 (the day she was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair)
  • Barbie traveled into space in 1965 (four years before man walked on the moon)
  • A Barbie Dreamhouse is sold every two minutes (2022 marks the Dreamhouse’s 60th anniversary)
  • More than 100 Barbie dolls are sold every minute, with 58 million sold annually.

Following its debut in Toronto this summer, World of Barbie will tour cities across North America, including New York, Chicago, Dallas, and more.

The price of admission for World of Barbie and its hours of operation varies from day to day. Adult tickets range from $33.00 to $52.50; children’s tickets (ages one-13) range from $24.00 to $52.50; and infants under 12 months are free.

Click here for more information and to purchase timed entry admission, VIP Anytime Admission, and Café Reservations/VIP Anytime Admission tickets.


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