World’s Largest Bounce House is coming to Orlando

The Big Bounce America 2022 Tour is making its way to Orlando, bringing with it the World’s Largest Bounce House.

World's Largest Bounce House logo
Photos courtesy of The Big Bounce America

At 13,000 square feet, the Guinness World Records certified “World’s Largest Bounce House” will delight families as it takes over Kissimmee’s Osceola Heritage Park from February 25-27, with four enormous inflatable attractions.

The “Big Bounce House” stands 32-feet-tall at its highest point, and features larger-than-life characters set amid giant slides, ball pits, climbing towers, and basketball hoops. It also includes a stage where a live DJ turns fun into party time, hosting games and competitions tailor-made with age appropriateness in mind, from tiny tots to adults-only.

World's Largest Bounce House

A major “Sport Slam” section was recently added to the attraction, featuring an action-packed “sports arena” filled with goals, nets, hoops, and balls, plus a special “battle zone” for competitions against family and friends to see who can stay on their podium longest, and grab the title of champion.

World's Largest Bounce House Sport Slam

“The Giant” obstacle course section spans more than 900 feet, with 50 different challenges to overcome and an enormous monster slide at the end as a spectacular finale to a hard-won quest. Take each hurdle at your own pace, or make a friendly competition of it with other bouncers.

World's Largest Bounce House The Giant

Finally, the space-themed “airSPACE” section is out of this world, with cute aliens – plus one that towers 25-foot tall! – fantastical spaceships, moon craters, and more.  Race other visitors down a gigantic, five-lane slide, dive into any of three ball pits, and take on the inflatable maze. Just be sure not to get “lost in space!”

The World's Largest Bounce House airSPACE

“We need more fun in the world,” said Josh Kinnersley, chief operating officer of The Big Bounce America. “After the times we’ve just gone through, we invite you to kick those shoes off and let loose for a while. We have the perfect event to allow kids and adults alike to get out of the house and enjoy an outdoor event like they’ve never experienced.”

All-access tickets include a three-hour event pass, a timed session in The World’s Largest Bounce House, and unlimited access to Sport Slam, The Giant, and airSPACE.

Tickets start at $19 per person, and advance purchase is recommended.

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