World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s reopens on International Drive

new mcDonald's
The new World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s. (Photo by Matt Roseboom)

By Seth Kubersky

Giving a whole new meaning to the word “super-size,” the brand new world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s is now open in Orlando.

Located at the busy intersection of International Drive and Sand Lake Road, the ginormous emporium takes the “world’s largest” title from its predecessor, which stood adjacent to the new restaurant since 1976. The newly built McDonald’s facade towers over I-Drive at 48 feet tall, and the interior covers an eye-popping 18,716 square feet.

A good portion of that interior space is dedicated to a 22-foot tall play structure, which features slides, tunnels and climbing features in a custom configuration designed specifically for this location. In addition, a 2,000-square-foot arcade is filled with cutting-edge coin-op games that dispense prize tickets. Other attractions at the world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s include a 30-foot tall illuminated Ronald McDonald, and a singing animatronic of Mac Tonight, the chain’s cool/creepy moon-headed spokesman from the 1980s.

Mac Tonight sings at World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's in Orlando Florida

And just in case you go to McDonald’s in search of food, this new joint has got you covered with exclusive menu items that go beyond the usual Quarter Pounders and McMuffins. The “Create Your Taste” feature lets diners order a unique burger or chicken sandwich by choosing from an expanded selection of toppings. Other chef-inspired entrees unique to this location include customized omelettes, waffles, pastas or oven-baked pizzas, all prepared in an open kitchen. A McCafe offers specialty coffees and desserts rounds out the bill of fare.

Custom McDonald’s Pizza at the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s

“For many years, our original World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s location was one of the most visited McDonald’s restaurants in the world,” said Gary Oerther, owner/operator and chairman of Oerther Foods. “We are excited to show residents and visitors to Orlando how this unique McDonald’s restaurant was redesigned with the customer experience at the forefront.

“More people visit Orlando than any other destination in the United States, and we aspire to create an epic McDonald’s experience for our guests today, and for generations to come,” Oerther said. “Most significantly, at every turn this restaurant gives our customers control of their McDonald’s experience in the areas of food, service, technology and entertainment.”

Here’s a tour of the old building, just before construction was started on the new one:

Tour of former World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's off I-Drive

Here’s a look around the new one:

Inside the new Epic McD World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's off I-Drive

Be sure to watch the March 17, 2016 episode of “Attractions Magazine – The Show” for our tour through the new McDonald’s.

The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s is located at 6875 Sand Lake Road, at the corner of International Drive and Sand Lake Road. For more information, visit


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