You can play life-sized versions of your favorite games

Have you ever wanted to be the claw in a giant claw machine or chase balls as a hungry, hungry human? Well, now’s your chance! The life-sized games from Interactive Entertainment Group – including Giant Pool and Giant Beer Pong – will guarantee your next gathering will be anything but ordinary.

Life-Sized Games - Human Claw Machine
Photos courtesy of Interactive Entertainment Group

“Coming out of the pandemic, people are craving in-person experiences more than ever,” said Interactive Entertainment Group Content Marketing Specialist Arielle Dukofsky. “From a life-sized human claw machine to giant version of hungry hungry hippos, these nostalgic games are guaranteed to leave a massive impression.”

Giant Human Claw Machine

Life-Sized Games - Human Claw Machine

You will literally “be the claw” in a giant version of the classic arcade game as you’re lifted into the air on a crane-like device and dipped into a pit full of enticing prizes. Height Range is 48”-76” tall; weight range is up to 250lbs.

Hungry Hungry Humans

Life-Sized Games - Hungry Hungry Humans

If you fondly remember the board game where four hungry hippos chase down marbles, you’ll definitely want to play the life-sized bungee-style version where four players test their speed, strength, and stamina as they race to retrieve as many balls as possible.

Giant Beer Pong

Life-Sized Games - Giant Beer Pong

This is not like the beer pong you played in college. The giant version of this fun-filled party game pits teams against each other as they throw or bounce oversized balls into the opposing side’s extra large red buckets – and the best part is, no ID is required so everyone can play.

Giant Pool Table

Life-Sized Games - Giant Pool Table

There’s no lounging around nor sipping cocktails during this larger-than-life match. Here, pool meets soccer where players use their feet to maneuver soccer balls into the six pockets of a 30-foot by 20-foot inflatable “pool table.”

Giant Battleship

Life-Sized Games - Battleship

Not interested in being suspended by a crane, harnessed to a bungee, or chasing soccer balls into pockets? Giant Battleship is probably your game. The giant version of the ’70s strategy game pits players in a head-to-head search for their opponent’s fleet of ships, including an aircraft carrier, a destroyer, a submarine, a patrol boat, and of course, a battleship.

Interactive Entertainment Group life-sized games are available across the U.S. Pricing depends on location, event duration, customization, delivery, set-up, and strike. Click here for more information.

Check out the videos below to see a few of these life-sized games in action:

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Hungry Hungry Humans

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