Zombies provide the motive during the ‘Run For Your Lives 5K’


From terrified runners to flesh-eating zombies, this was no ordinary foot race. The “Run For Your Lives 5K” was held in Orlando this past weekend.

Run For Your Lives is part obstacle course, part race and part zombie survival, making it the world’s first interactive zombie-infested obstacle race experience.

Before the race, runners were given a flag belt, similar to those used in flag football. These flags represent their health, which the zombies strive to get. Once a runner loses all their flags, they are then infected with the zombie virus. But health bonuses were hidden throughout the course with extra flags inside them.

Watch as runners try to escape the zombies:

Overview of Run For Your Lives Orlando

Runners lined up in one of three lanes before starting the race: appetizers, entrees and desserts. Once they took off, there was no turning back. Throughout the obstacle race, there were a series of man-made and natural obstacles for runners to maneuver. While they could choose not to complete an obstacle, any runner who skipped any obstacles have not truly survived the zombie apocalypse.

Runners not only tried to complete the obstacles and make it to the finish line but to also avoid the zombies and cross the finish line with at least one flag. If they finished with zero health flags, the zombies had successfully transformed them into the “undead.”

Missed out on the fun? No worries. Run For Your Lives hosts races all across America and will be in South Florida next February followed by races in Tennessee and Texas as well. For more information visit RunForYourLives.com.


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