A guide to digital photo packages in Orlando’s theme parks – Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, Legoland

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The theme parks in Orlando have had photographers taking photos of their guests for many years. For most of those years, guests had to have their purchased photos printed out for them in person. But recently, to keep up with the digital trend, the parks have begun offering various digital photo packages of guests’ vacation memories. Each park differs in what they provide, so this guide is to help showcase what’s available at Orlando’s area parks.


UPDATE (12/16/13): What’s listed below for Walt Disney World is now out-of-date. Disney has introduced a new Memory Maker package that doubles the window to download your photos. More information can be found here.


Last year, Walt Disney World introduced their Photopass+ package. With Photopass+, guests receive unlimited digital photos from Photopass photographers around the parks, digital photos at select attractions and dining locations and a photo gallery CD full of hundreds of stock Disney photos.


You also have the ability to add special borders to your photos in your account on the Photopass website. An original copy of your photo will come with the bordered copy.


Don’t forget to also ask Photopass photographers about Magic Shots. Each park has different sets of Magic Shots available, and they are fun photos to have. Just ask any photographer what shots they are able to do.


Prices for Photopass+ are $199.95 if bought in the parks and $149 if purchased at least 14 days prior to your vacation here. Your Photopass+ is good for two weeks after purchase. If you only want copies of your ride photos, you can buy the Attractions+ card for $49.95 at any Disney attraction where ride photos are available. It is also good for two weeks.



Late last year, Universal Orlando and Amazing Pictures introduced Universal’s Photo Connect package. For five days after purchase, visitors to Universal Orlando will be able to get digital copies of all their park and ride photos, an 8×10 or 5×7 print, a lanyard, a customized Photo Connect card (with their favorite photo), and a photo CD of all their favorite pictures.


Guests are also able to get special borders attached to their photos by visiting a Photo Connect register in the parks or their online account.


When first introduced, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was the only ride photo not available, but recently the attraction has been added to the card.


Prices for the Photo Connect package are $59.95 if bought in the parks or you can choose to pre-purchase it online for $49.95. If you are buying an Express Pass in the parks, you can take advantage of a special price for the five-day Star Card of $39.95. The Express Pass upgrade must be purchased to receive this discount.


A package for annual passholders is also available for $59.95, providing all of the same perks as the above package, but good for a full year after purchase. You must present a valid Universal annual pass to purchase. (Don’t forget to ask them to add lasers to your MIB photo.)



This year SeaWorld began offering their passholders a digital photo package, which provides digital copies of all park and ride photos through the end of 2013.


Once you have photos taken of you, you receive an Adventure Photo Card. At the end of the day, you take the cards you’ve received to Adventure Photo near the entrance to have them associated with your online photo account.

Manta 2013

Manta is the only ride photo able to be associated with your online account. With Atlantis and Kraken, you enter your information at the ride photo registers and it will be e-mailed to you.


The SeaWorld Orlando digital photo package for pass members is $50. No photo package is currently available at SeaWorld for day guests.



Unlimited digital photos are now available at Legoland Florida for both day guests and annual passholders. Day guests can purchase a package for $39.99 and it includes digital copies of all your photos for the day of purchase. Annual passholders can buy a Picture Perfect Pass for $99.99 and get unlimited digital photos for a year.



The newly expanded Fun Spot America has introduced roving photographers and an on-ride photo for the White Lightning roller coaster in conjunction with Amazing Pictures. There is a digital photo package available for $25 which includes your park photos and White Lighting photos for the day. Your photos can be viewed online here.

We will continue to update this post with the latest prices and packages that become available in the future. The listed prices were good as of Aug. 19, 2013.


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  1. It is good to see the other parks recognizing that digital is the way to go. Some even seemed to surpass what WDW offers.

  2. In November 2012 we bought a photo pass at u/IOA and had all of our pictures sent by email for when we got home. No printing at the parks, only down side was hp wasn’t included. Is this the same package you refer to. When we arrived home the pics were ready and were amazing, they’d been enhanced to show characters etc.

    1. Yes, and now HP has been included. The photos can be viewed and downloaded from the Amazing Pictures website or in their app for Apple devices.

  3. We were in Orlando for the Florida Tow Show and took a day trip to Sea World. I have 2 adventure photo cards. We were unable to get our photos at the location due to long line and bus schedule. Is there any way I can get a photo package of these photos online? It would be so very convenient to be able to get photos online rather than stand in long lines.