Adults-only ‘Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge’ coming to the Disney Wish

For the first time ever onboard a Disney ship, guests will set out on a planet-hopping tour of the Star Wars galaxy at Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge, a high-end bar styled as a luxurious yacht-class spaceship.

hyperspace lounge

This themed, immersive experience set onboard the upcoming Disney Wish will be reserved for adults only each evening, offering interactive tasting experiences and signature beverages inspired by the films.

Star Wars fans will likely note the similarities of the Hyperspace Lounge to Dryden Vos’ ship from “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which provided direct inspiration for the interior design and metallic detailing. As guests sip on their galactic libations, this unique voyage will transport them to iconic locations from the eras of the Republic, Empire and First Order, utilizing hyperspace jumps to travel from planet to planet.

Ranging from serene views to action-packed encounters, the spectacles seen through this virtual “window” into the galaxy will feature spaceships from the films and destinations like Batuu, Tatooine, Mustafar, and Coruscant. The experience will be taken to the next level with surround-sound audio and a holotube that displays holographic models of nearby ships.

NEW Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge Coming to Disney Wish Cruise Ship

The Disney Wish will set sail on its maiden voyage on June 9, 2022. Bookings will open to the general public on May 27, 2021. To learn more, visit


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