Artist creates adorable Disney, Pixar, and Muppets holiday artwork

For those who can’t get enough of the holiday season, artist Amanda Conrad has created adorable artwork featuring Disney, Pixar, and Muppets characters. From Lilo and Stitch to Tinker Bell and the big cheese, Mickey Mouse, these holiday pieces are sure to add some cuteness to your Christmas.

Amanda Conrad creates adorable artwork featuring Disney, Pixar and Muppets characters.
Images courtesy of Amanda Conrad

There are a ton of Disney fans in the world, but many people have their specific favorite area of the Disney brand. Seen above, we have Pixar’s Mike and Sulley, the evergreen Muppets Kermit, and fan-favorite Disney Parks Figment. What sector of the Disney brand is your favorite?

Adorable artwork of Mickey Mouse prepped for winter with a hot beverage.

Is there such thing as a piece of artwork or picture of Mickey Mouse that isn’t cute? Mickey is seen here with a warm beverage. But, what could he be drinking? Perhaps a toasted white chocolate mocha or a chestnut praline latte?

Adorable artwork featuring Lilo and Stitch making a sandman for Christmas.

The holiday season doesn’t just have to have cold weather and snow. Lilo and Stitch celebrate this year with a sandman, perhaps while listening to Elvis or Mele Kalikimaka.

Adorable artwork of Tinker Bell flying with some holiday garland.

Tinker Bell is ready to hang some garland, complete with extra sparkles, of course. Did you know a new Tinker Bell attraction is coming to Fantasy Springs at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort?

The cutest present of all, Lady in a box from 'Lady and the Tramp.'

I am sure many people are hoping for a puppy as a Christmas present this year, but, you can’t get much cuter than Lady all dressed up in her holiday best.

Disney-inspired 'A Christmas Carol' featuring Goofy and Scrooge McDuck.

Scrooge McDuck is the perfect Ebenezer Scrooge for a cartoonized re-telling of “A Christmas Carol.”

Artist Amanda Conrad doesn’t just focus on adorable artwork with a holiday theme. Her portfolio showcases Star Wars, popular cereal brands, cute Halloween pieces, and behind-the-scenes artwork videos. Click here for more information.

Which of these holiday-inspired pieces are your favorite? I am leaning towards Mike and Sulley, but Figment’s holiday sweater is always a favorite as well.


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