Artist recycles artwork with Star Wars and pop culture designs

We’ve all seen that old artwork in hotel lobbies, thrift stores, and small town businesses. But what usually gets passed by is being re-made by DaveRuinsArt on Instagram, whose work transforms traditional landscapes with pop culture designs that brings sci-fi and fantasy worlds to life and lets the art live on in new ways.

Star Wars and Pop culture designs with recycled artwork.

These thrifted paintings may have been stored in a garage, stuck in an antique shop, or sent to the trash. Now their pop culture designs showcase Star Wars, Star Trek, Nintendo, Godzilla and more, presenting their double life from beachscapes to Star Wars battlefronts.

This artwork takes a talented-eye to see the hidden pop culture story hidden among the previous brush strokes. Here are a few examples of how the artist inserts modern characters into the traditional landscapes.

DaveRuinsArt Mario Nintendo pop culture designs enhance a castle painting.

The Mushroom Kingdom is coming alive at Universal Studios Hollywood and on this reborn image. DaveRuinsArt gave a behind-the-scenes on this particular piece.

Star Wars, Star Trek, and Pirates of the Caribbean designs by DaveRuinsArt.

On these landscapes, iconic franchises appear, from Pirates of the Caribbean, to Star Wars, and Star Trek. Which of these fandoms is your favorite?

Netflix's Squid Game adds an eery feeling to this old painting.

Netflix’s Squid Game took the world by storm in 2021. This re-imagined artwork makes the original version appear creepier in hindsight.

The pop culture designs in this painting see Luke Skywalker versus a T-Rex.

While we will never see Luke Skywalker and Grogu fight against a T-Rex on the big screen. In this way though we can happily admire the imagined action sequence. In the background, it appears the Millennium Falcon is coming in at the last minute to save the day. After all, it wouldn’t be a true Star Wars depiction without a last minute save.

Chewbacca, Godzilla, and the DOOM video game, brought to life on old paintings.

These three pieces featuring DOOM, Godzilla, and Chewbacca are all going to a fan’s home. With the nature of this artwork, it may take a while for someone to notice the pop culture designs and characters within the landscape. Although, I’m not sure how hidden Godzilla can be.

These fandom creations up-cycle old artwork. DaveRuinsArt may be the name, but for myself (and I assume many others), it’s added new life and value to these landscape pieces. What do you think?


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