New technology may help guests power the very attractions they are enjoying

by Brittani Tuttle

Someday soon, guests may be helping to power the very attractions they are enjoying.


The Impact Attractions team includes veteran theme park professionals including Denise Weston, Brian Morrow, Rick Briggs, and Janelle Picard.

By Andy Haynes

After officially making its debut at this year’s IAAPA Expo, newly formed Impact Attractions is “inviting the Earth to play” with the debut of their sustainable attraction technology.

“As we future cast what guests and clients will want from new experiences, the idea of developing a play attraction based on a goal of net zero energy impact was born,” said Denise Weston of Impact Attractions. “In attraction development, we’re always looking for these big-time thrills and wow moments, but for this next generation, ‘wow’ is more purposeful. Family experiences can be about doing something purposeful as a family while having an experience that is memorable.”


While they presented a water park model, Impact Attractions new technology can be adapted for dry play areas as well.

The new technology, shown off in a water park model, collects and recovers solar, wind and hydro power with the kinetic energy generated by guests interacting with the attraction, called “play power.” This allows the attraction to not only have a net zero energy impact, but also return some of the unused energy to the grid. No details have been released on when and where this renewable energy technology will first be utilized.

For more information, visit ImpactAttractions.com.


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