Best Lego Christmas presents for theme park fans

by Tharin White

Christmas and the holiday season are upon us. Looking for that perfect gift for that theme park fan of yours? Check out our curated collection of Lego Christmas presents, where plastic bricks meet theme park creations.

Lego Christmas presents can range from smaller stocking stuffers to massive sets.

Lego is for all ages, with the tiny bricks unleashing worlds of limitless possibilities. Your imagination can bring stories and creations to life. Some of these listed product offerings are directly inspired by theme parks across the globe. Others can be used by those who love to take creativity into their own hands and recreate their favorite parks with Lego.

Check out our list of must-have Lego Christmas presents below:

Universal Parks

Lego Harry Potter Brickheadz.

Harry, Hermione, Ron & Hagrid Brickheadz$24.99, ages 10+, 466 pieces

This smaller set offers a perfect stocking stuffer, especially if you are surprising someone with a trip to a Universal park to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Lego Harry Potter buildable figurines - Lego christmas presents

Harry Potter & Hermione Granger Buildable Figurines$119.99, ages 10+, 1673 pieces

Looking for bigger and more detailed versions of your favorite wizard characters? This large-scale buildable Lego figurine set scales up the magic this holiday season.

A massive Hogwarts Castle matches Universal Parks around the world.

Hogwarts Castle$399.99, ages 16+, 6020 pieces

Bring Hogwarts Castle into your home with this massive set. With numerous figurines and detail galore, this Lego Hogwarts Castle is sure to make a big statement to any Harry Potter fan.

Super Nintendo World is currently at Universal Studios Japan, bring the world's of Mario with you anywhere in Lego form - Lego christmas presents

Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block$169.99, ages 18+, 2064 pieces

Super Nintendo World is currently open at Universal Studios Japan and is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort. Until then, let your Nintendo fan bring the world of Mario to life in their own home.

A great lego christmas present to surprise a child that you are flying to a Universal park.

Minion Pilot in Training$29.99, ages 4+, 119 pieces

Another great gift to tell a loved one you are flying to a Universal park. Minion fans can enjoy this easy to build set that features some of the lovable characters.

The minions are wild, wacky, and plastic in Gru's lab - Lego christmas presents

Minions in Gru’s Lab$19.99, ages 4+, 87 pieces

Another option for “Minions” fans, and this one correlates to the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride. Rebuild a family park memory when you assemble and play with this set.

A smaller set, but imagination can bring it to Jurassic Proportions.

T. Rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition29.99, ages 7+, 198 pieces

Use this Lego Christmas present to create your own Jurassic Park Discovery Center at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Be the best parent around with the Indominous Rex lego christmas present.

Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus$99.99, ages 8+, 537 pieces

The renovated Jurassic World – The Ride is a smash hit at Universal Studios Hollywood and now, you can bring the Indominius Rex from the ride right into your living room.

Disney Parks

Built by fans to be enjoyed by fans, the Winnie the Pooh set.

Winnie the Pooh$99.99, ages 18+, 1265 pieces

The creation of this set was actually done by a Winnie the Pooh fan who submitted it to Lego. Maybe they were inspired by the Winnie the Pooh rides seen at Disney Parks across the world?

Don't freeze up on buying the Frozen Ice Castle set - Lego christmas presents

The Ice Castle$199.99, ages 14+, 1709 pieces

Elsa’s striking Ice Castle will be built of plastic bricks this winter season. Anna and Elsa can be seen at Disney parks around the world, and guests can ride a boat into the Ice Castle at Frozen Ever After at Epcot.

Take your Minnie Mouse Lego Christmas present to Florida on your next Disney trip.

Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop$19.99, ages 4+, 100 pieces

Even in the middle of winter, Florida is hot enough some days to go swimming. So, of course Minnie Mouse should be serving some ice cream.

Disney Trains, iconic. Lego sets, iconic. Mesh them together - Lego christmas presents

Disney Train and Station$329.99, ages 12+, 2925 pieces

Bring an iconic piece of Disney history into your house. Disney trains can be found at almost all the kingdom-style parks around the world. This Lego Christmas present could even be used under the tree.

A mini-castle, a perfect lego christmas present to use as desk decor.

Mini Disney Castle$34.99, ages 12+, 567 pieces

Many have seen the massive Lego Cinderella Castle set. This version is the smaller and more affordable version for 1/10th of the price.

Goofy and Pluto in lego form.

Goofy & Pluto Brickheadz$14.99, ages 10+, 214 pieces

These two lovable characters are fun to build and make great desk or shelf-top pieces of decor, even if one of them is a bit Goofy.

Lego Tangled Tower, a tall order, but a royal present.

Rapunzel’s Tower$59.99, ages 6+, 369 pieces

Standing tall above all other gifts, Rapunzel’s Tower can be seen at the Magic Kingdom or soon next to your kid’s bed.

Mickey Mouse, the classic character made out of a classic toy.

Disney’s Mickey Mouse (with Minnie Mouse option)$119.99, ages 18+, 2658 pieces

Present Mickey or Minnie as a bold piece of artwork in your home. This set can be made in two different ways, as Mickey Mouse or as Minnie Mouse. Or, see what your imagination can build.

Kilimanjaro Safaris, some assembly and imagination required.

Wildlife Rescue Camp$99.99, ages 6+, 503 pieces

While not specifically themed to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it is clear to see why this could be the base for your own creation of Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Star Wars: Rise of the Lego Brick, no waiting required.

Resistance I-TS Transport$99.99, ages 9+, 932 pieces

Directly inspired from Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance inside the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, this set takes you right into the Resistance and First Order action.

SeaWorld Parks

Sesame Street, Lego bricks, Christmas presents, all loved.

123 Sesame Street$119.99, ages 18+, 1367 pieces

Sesame Street characters can be found at Sesame Place, Busch Gardens parks and in recent years a full-scale interactive land opened at SeaWorld Orlando.

Inspired your young coaster builder with this SeaWorld San Antonio Lego Christmas present.

Beach Rescue ATV$9.99, ages 5+, 79 pieces

SeaWorld parks aim to spread animal and ocean awareness. While this set isn’t specifically about SeaWorld it does align well with SeaWorld San Antonio’s Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster.

General Theme Park

A big set for those with an even bigger imagination.

Duplo STEAM Park$179.95, ages 3-5, 295 pieces

Theme park building blocks for the youngest ones. This massive set will be more than enough to let your youngest kids explore their early-life theme park creations.

It says it right on the gift, FUN. The lego ferris wheel is built for imagination and good memories.

Ferris Wheel$79.99, ages 9+, 1002 pieces

Moving up in skill level, this amusement park classic is ready to spin away. This set is actually in a three-in-one option, so you can build a ferris wheel, a bumper car ride and a swing boat ride.

The Lego Roller Coaster is retiring soon.

Roller Coaster (retiring soon)$379.99, ages 16+, 4124 pieces

You don’t have much time left to grab this interactive and highly-customizable roller coaster set to your Lego theme park.

A coaster, a magic show, a lego set, the Magical Funfair Roller coaster.

Magical Funfair Roller Coaster$99.99, ages 8+, 974 pieces.

From the Lego Friends collection comes the Magical Funfair Roller Coaster. This set also features a magic trick function and glow-in-the-dark bricks.

Rebuild a park that is being rebuilt.

Roadwork Truck$9.99, ages 4+, 58 pieces

What is a theme park if it doesn’t have some construction going on? Make sure to grab a construction set to make way for your next best theme park creation.

These sets are just the beginning of so many options made possible by Lego bricks re-usability. Of course, a park not mentioned here would be the Legoland parks across the world. But, seeing as their theme is Lego, you can grab any set to try and imagine what new themed land could show up in these family-friendly parks across the globe. Which Lego Christmas presents will you be picking up this year?


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