New relaxing river rafting experience offering in Jamaica

by Tharin White

Looking for a unique offering on your next visit to the Caribbean? The Chukka Eco Adventure Outpost at Good Hope has just the option for you. Their new Bamboo River Rafting experience takes you on a slow-moving 45-minute ride through Jamaica’s colorful scenery.

River rafting on the Martha Brae river in Jamaica.

Bamboo Rafting offers a relaxing ride down the Martha Brae river, drink in hand, as you learn about the 2000-acre Good Hope Estate. You will go through a bamboo forest, hear about the story of this historic plantation and see the wildlife and flora of Jamaica. Halfway through your trip, all aboard will receive a limestone foot massage.

Going under a bamboo forest during your bamboo river rafting experience.

This experience is one of numerous packages at the Chukka Eco Adventure Outpost at Good Hope. All packages come with access to the eco-spaces at the outpost, including the pool, lounge area, bar, waterfall and historical buildings in the area. The river rafting is best suited for adults or couples wanting together-time. But, Chukka also offer rivers tubing. This gives a bit of thrill as you traverse rapids and includes the safety of being tethered to a guide.

Permanent cabanas being built at the Chukka Eco Adventure Outpost at Good Hope.

Chukka is also building permanent cabana structures that will be for rent in the near future. For those seeking a more adventurous day, zip-lining through the trees is available, as is moderate-level kayaking in some rapids.

Want to book the river rafting experience? To do this, learn more about the historical estate or book an excursion package on the Chukka website.

Relaxing River Rafting in Jamaica at Chukka Eco Adventure Outpost at Good Hope

International travel to Jamaica has returned. Jamaica offers white sand beaches, a vast natural landscape, warm weather, delicious food, and an inviting culture that makes you want to return again and again.


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