Christmas carolers crash Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando

The rivalry between Halloween and Christmas came to a head last night at Universal Orlando, as a group of Christmas carolers crashed Halloween Horror Nights to signal the end of the Halloween season.

halloween horror nights

This past week, tensions have been brewing on Twitter as @HorrorNightsORL and @UniversalORL bickered back and forth about the impending holiday season:

Then @UniversalORL decided to take things further with these ominous tweets late in the evening on Oct. 31:

To put the final nail in @HorrorNightsORL’s coffin, just after midnight, officially on Nov. 1, @UniversalORL stationed Christmas carolers outside the park gates for Universal Studios Florida, complete with holiday decorations and Christmas trees.

One might view this as possible payback for Horror Nights sending Santa Claus and one of his elves through a haunted house on their way back to the North Pole, which you can watch here.

Of course, Horror Nights had to retaliate, and they did so by encouraging guests to protest with handmade signs to drown out the holiday cheer:

halloween horror nights

It is safe to say that @HorrorNightsORL was more than bitter about the stunt:

The stunt didn’t last very long, but @UniversalORL proved they weren’t done yet, as they sent the carolers and local elf Giggles to Universal’s Islands of Adventure to share the joy that comes with the end of the haunt season:

It is unclear if this Christmas caroler/Halloween protest stunt will continue tonight and tomorrow, the final two nights of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando.

What do you think about the end of Halloween Horror Nights season at Universal Orlando? Are you one of those people who puts up their tree the day after Halloween, or does the spooky season deserve to last a little longer? Let us know how you feel in the comments!


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    1. Haven’t historians determined the actual birth of Jesus occurs in March on the current calendar used?
      Regardless of that FACT, the retail nightmare Christmas we are forced to endure occurs almost two months after Haloween.

  1. I love the fall and Halloween. I am always sad after Halloween ends. I love mid September through Halloween when the trees start changing, it finally starts cooling down, pumpkin spice lattes and other treats are available, and best of all Halloween season. I love going to all of the haunted houses and trails and horror nights at all of the amusement parks, and the scary movie marathons on most channels where you can always enjoy classics at home with a friend. I absolutely positively hate the holiday season. I hate the insanity in all of the stores, the tacky decorations, stupid movies, and most of all the irritating carols. With that being said if I paid all of that money for a trip to Orlando to go to Horror Nights, which I often do, and carolers were trying to crash the event, I would be PISSED. If the event is still running and people pay money to go, than it should operate as planned. I dont care about stupid social media feuds, if people pay the exorbitant amount for Horror Nights, then they should get what they pay for. I would be so mad I could punch the carolers in the face…But since I don’t want a ban or charge lol, would seriously demand a refund, and my trip would be ruined. That is so not right for anyone who looks forward to Horror Nights all year long.

    1. It was a joke and far away from the entrance of HHN. Lighten up a bit. It was funny and people were having a good time. This was done in City Walk, not HHN. if you are so offended, you should not go to HHN in the first place.

  2. Honestly I’d be pissed. I’m Halloween even at Christmas. To be honest the only reason I like Christmas a little is because I get to see my family. So if something like this occured when I was trying to enjoy my halloween spooks, I’d be very tempted to hit someone. I obviously wouldn’t because I don’t want to be banned, but the sentiment is still there.

  3. Xmas you have 2 whole months the way it is! I’d be pissed and demand a refund. They should ban Xmas until after the Horror Nights event has concluded. Even if it’s just for publicity, this time it went too far!

  4. Just when you think celebrating Christmas on Nov 1 couldn’t get any more obnoxious. November used to be a time of quiet reflection, a time to be fully aware of nature and the passing of time and seasons. Now, it too has become a victim of the hyper-commercialization of Christmas and other holidays. Will do the best I can to ignore it, but it is difficult with it in the stores and on the internet.

  5. Stupid publicity stunt, for one. Two, all my childhood, no one put their Xmas crap up before the weekend after Thanksgiving. It should have stayed that way.

  6. Christmas should not be celebrated until the day after Thanksgiving. No lights. No decorations. No trees. Wait. Late November thru Jan 1 is enough time. Why is 5 weeks not enough

  7. Universal milks its “cash cow” way too much. I feel sorry for the Scare Actors who had to deal with this years schedule!

  8. At fiat I thought this was funny but now after reading all these comments; I guess it would be annoying if you’re trying to enjoy your Halloween and get in the mod if being scared etc.. however I am a huge fan of Christmas and I do decorate a week after Halloween because it takes about 2 weeks to get it done so I don’t want to do all that work to only have to take it all down soon after. 🤷‍♀️