Construction Update: Miniland USA takes shape at Legoland Florida

The first Lego brick models featuring the sites and monuments of Washington D.C. have been installed in the Miniland USA area of Legoland Florida. The park is scheduled to open in a few months on Oct. 15. Here’s a video of the installation with some insight by the Lego Model Project Manager.

Legoland Florida Construction Update: The building of Miniland USA - June 2011

Miniland USA, the heart of every Legoland Park, will be home to seven specially themed areas – Washington, D.C., New York City, Las Vegas, Kennedy Space Center, Daytona and of more Florida scenes.

Legoland also released this video featuring a tour of all the areas of the park with Legoland Florida General Manager Adrian Jones:

Legoland Florida construction tour with the general manager - What to expect when it opens

Click Here for even more details about each themed land in the new park.

Back in March we were able to see the park from above. Here’s that helicopter tour:

Helicopter tour above Legoland Florida - Construction Update for March 2011


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  1. Looks really neat-not only for kids but also us senior citizens without the “cast iron stomachs” & the appreciation to minute details that Legoland is known for**Love the botanical gardens & look forward to seeing how they have been preserved & restored