‘Delusion: Valley of Horrors’ live interactive horror show returns to L.A.

“Delusion: Valley of Horrors” interactive experience will open to the public on September 15, 2022, bringing horror theater back to Los Angeles’s historic Phillips Estate.

Delusion: Valley of Horrors phillips estate
Phillips Estate
Photos courtesy of Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group

The story explores American cults of the 1970s, and includes a supernatural twist.

“Delusionals,” the name director Jon Braver has given to the “Delusional” shows’ attendees, will become Deprogrammers whose mission is to rescue people from the influence of cults.

Several cults popped up in the 1970s, including Children of God and The Mansion Family. In “Valley of Horrors,” the story revolves around the disappearance of Esther Phillips, a mystery from which The Hollows cult emerged.

Rumors of a “gift beyond life” have brought fanatics to Esther’s estate, the place they must die if they want to reap the gift’s rewards. Instead, will they uncover the truth behind The Hollows?

“These plays inspire that campfire effect,” said Braver. “You live in our stories, then you tell your own. There is something for everyone here.”

Delusion: Valley of Horrors

Produced by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, “Delusion: Valley of Horrors” is the sequel to 2021’s “Reaper’s Remorse,” though the story stands alone for those who did not see the original.

“We’re thrilled to be opening Delusion for the second year in a row” said Chris Stafford, CEO and founding partner of Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group. “We’re beyond excited to share another chapter of this very unique series with fans and the public this fall.”

Tickets go on sale today, August 12, 2022. General admission starts at $89.99, and VIP tickets start at $124.99.

“Nothing brings people together more than visceral, live experiences,” Braver added. “Thirteenth Floor as a company sees beyond the simple jump scare. Delusion is far more than that. I have personally seen lives changed after a harrowing journey through our living, breathing other-worlds. We need this now more than ever.”

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit EnterDelusion.com.

Reaper's Remorse Trailer | Delusion Returns Fall 2021!

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