Details revealed for renovation of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

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As part of the “12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas,” new details on the renovation of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort have been revealed.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World would be undergoing renovations. Today, as part of their “12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas,” the Disney Parks Blog revealed new details about those upcoming enhancements to the resort that will be seen in late summer 2018.

Old Port Royale at the resort will be reimagined as a port of entry, where guests will check in before beginning their island vacation. This location will offer more convenient access to amenities, services and dining for guests, including an all-new Centertown Market for casual eating, a new Shutters restaurant offering waterfront dining by the new Banana Cabana outdoor bar and lounge, and the Calypso Trading Post shopping location.

Centertown Market will be enclosed and expanded, creating a quick-service restaurant with an indoor street market-feel. The entrance to the location will be under a large palapa structure, with glowing colored light pendants made from glass bottles. The market will also have open shutters, awnings, ornamentation, wooden light posts and unique sating areas. Guests will also have access to the Grab n’ Go market for coffee and quick bites to eat.

Shutters, a Caribbean-inspired table service restaurant, will be located on the Old Port Royale waterfront, taking guests to a beachfront home in the tropical islands. The sun will be welcomed in by large open shutters, as the space is adorned with handmade decor that appears as though it was found on the islands. Flora and fauna motifs will be all around in this location, showcasing the natural beauty of the Caribbean.

Banana Cabana, a new, festive poolside bar, will be a gathering place for guests to enjoy food and drink as they settle into the relaxed vibe of island life. Cabana-style drapes will surround seating areas, and repurposed steel drums will illuminate a central communal table crafted from a wooden boat.

Guests will be able to grab those last-minute items at Calypso Trading Post, the resort’s import and export facility. This shopping location will offer plenty of Disney merchandise, as well as other vacation essentials for guests.

Stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and announcements during the “12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas.” Check out the previous announcement on new float elements for Disneyland’s “Pixar Play Parade” here.


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  1. So none of the names of Centertown are actually changing. The only difference is that the Customs House will now be there. I assume the entire building will now be larger, maybe things in different places, more seating although that was rarely a problem for me. I am absolutely curious how actually different it will all be.