Disney Parks to ban smoking, stroller wagons inside parks starting May 1

With all the exciting new additions coming to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, there are bound to be a few changes. Both domestic Disney Parks are making a few updates to their rules, which include removing smoking areas and banning stroller wagons.

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Check out these new rules before making your next visit to Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

Check out all the new changes below:


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Starting May 1, the Disney Parks will adjust their guidelines on stroller sizes, which will require that they be no larger than 31 inches (79cm) wide and 52 inches (132cm) long. Luckily, many strollers on the market, including jogging strollers, fit within these guidelines.

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However, the popular stroller wagons are a different story. Even though wagons themselves are not permitted in the parks, starting May 1, stroller wagons will no longer be allowed inside the parks. These updates are to help with guest flow and make congestion in the parks a little easier to handle.

Walt Disney World currently offers stroller rentals, including both single and double strollers. Disneyland will soon offer double strollers for rent as well.


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Also starting May 1, smoking areas will no longer be found inside Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme parks, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, or the Downtown Disney District in California. This also includes vaping, so no vaping will be allowed in the parks, either.

Designated smoking areas will instead be located outside the entrances to the areas listed above, and at Disney Springs in Florida. For guests who have room or dining reservations, smoking areas will also be available at Disney Resort hotels.

Loose Ice

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Starting today, if you’re bringing a cooler or cooler bag to carry snacks and drinks to the theme parks or water parks, loose or dry ice will no longer be permitted in the parks.

A way to keep your items cool is to use re-usable ice packs instead, or visit any Quick-Service location for complimentary cups of ice for your cooler.

To learn more about these changes, visit DisneyWorld.com/RulesFAQ and Disneyland.com/RulesFAQ.


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  1. No smoking policy in parks does not make a more enjoyable experiance for EVERYONE. If I have to go outside the park to smoke do I have to go through security and entrance line again? I feel that as a Paying guest they just keep adding cost and restrictions eg parking fee at a resort that I am staying at.I love Disney but it is getting to be too expensive for many people to visit as often as they might want.

  2. Many parents rely on smoking areas so they DONT snap on their own or other people’s children while in the parks. Having to exit the park just to smoke and come back in, especially on a one entrance ticket, is absolutely ludicrous. A person that is addicted to nicotine and needs to have their fix, isn’t going to take the time to leave the park. I know if I were a smoker and was told I had to exit the park just to smoke, I wouldn’t come back. Disney’s loss.

    1. Well that should encourage them to quit smoking as it is a deadly habit to have anyway. That’s how they can get lung cancer.

      1. Disney is also selling a lot of junk food, beverages like coke and others.

        Sugar is also a deadly thing, meat is known as carcinogen, vegetables are in contact with herbicide which are known to be highly promoting cancer.

        So… Why they don’t stop selling these products or let the people decide by themselves how to die?

  3. Thrilled Disney is going smoke-free! Guests and their children will no longer have to suffer smoke wafting into non-smoking areas. Plus, non-smokers can once again enjoy those beautiful paths and areas that were designated for smoking, which had become unbearable. Thank you, Disney!!

    1. Now if only Disney would put a restriction on screaming kids and parents that don’t watch them! Gee, I wonder why people need that cigarette. Control your children more efficiently and then we can all enjoy walking down those beautiful paths!

  4. They need to keep the smoking areas. And the wagon stroller might be a good idea … better idea, banning the back packs where they bring a weeks worth of junk for a few hours in the park. I’ve seen people knocked around when they turned quickly, and one person in a wheel chain got nailed good. When you haul enough junk to take up two places in the line to see Haunted Mansion … well maybe they need to charge admission for the back pack … really. On Pirates two people with their back packs took up an entire row when they took off the back pack to sit down in the boat.

  5. What difference is there between bringing ice in my cooler or getting ice for my cooler from a Quick-Service location?

    1. The ban, while never specifically stated, is likely so that security cast members don’t have to put their hands in a cooler full of ice to search it. It’s easier for them if you use reusable ice packs in your cooler, or wait until you’re in the park to get ice from a quick service location if you absolutely need it.