Take a peek inside Disney Skyliner cabins coming to Walt Disney World

The all-new Disney Skyliner gondola system is set to debut this fall at Walt Disney World, and testing of the nearly 300 cabins and their systems is well underway.

Progress continues on the new Disney Skyliner system.

UPDATE – 04/24/19: We now have official travel times for the Disney Skyliner’s routes throughout Walt Disney World. Check them out below:

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 5-6 minutes
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to Disney’s Pop Century Resort or Disney’s Art of Animation Resort: under 6 minutes
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to Disney’s Riviera Resort: about 5 minutes
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to International Gateway at Epcot: approximately 15 minutes
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort to International Gateway at Epcot: approximately 9 minutes

Recently, Disney shared new details about this new transportation system, which will offer great views as it travels between Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and four Disney resort hotels.

disney skyliner interior

Each cabin can accommodate up to 10 guests, including those traveling with wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

disney skyliner windows

Since the system is constantly in motion, guests will arrive at their destination in minutes as they ride in cabins specifically designed for the Florida climate.

skyliner traveling

According to the Orlando Sentinel, there will be 22 Disney character themes for the Skyliner, and eight color options for the cabins. The gondolas will operate on more than six miles of cable lines, traveling at about 11 miles per hour. The typical ride time will last from 5-15 minutes.

Check out the video below for a look inside a Disney Skyliner cabin, as well as some insight from Walt Disney World’s senior vice president Thomas Mazloum and Walt Disney Imagineering principal architect Dean Huspen:

Progress Continues on Disney Skyliner at Walt Disney World Resort

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  1. Reflective windows,,,but no air conditioning……..and what about summer storms?…….This sounds like a lot of fun……..

    1. You are not in air conditioning before getting on or after getting off the gondola. A 5-15 minute ride should not be a problem. In storm conditions, this, like all outside rides, would, no doubt, be suspended.

  2. I predict nothing but problems for this system. First, the towers are hideous and intrude on the landscape. Second, the cars will never be able to load and unload 10 guests in only 19 seconds, which is the interval I’ve seen in the videos. Third, the system won’t be able to run in lightning or wind conditions, so that rules out most of the summer. Fourth, without A/C guests will be passing out even when summer conditions are not stormy, particularly during lengthy periods when the cars stop in midair! Fifth, the system is the perfect way for amorous couples to “get confy” with each other. I predict that many will wait until night to ride alone, thanks to a sufficient bribe to the loader. 5-15 minutes provides plenty of time to join the Fifty Foot Club. Stations will need plenty of mops and Lysol, and many gondolas will need to be taken out of service for such cleanups.

    1. Hey Matt, you put a lot of thought into this. Lol… I’m guessing you have been broken down in the haunted Mansion. Lol

  3. The lack of AC is insane. I don’t care how many vents they have there is no way when the air is a 100 it’s going to produce enough of a breeze to keep people cool. Also what happens if they break down? Imagine being stuck in one of those things in the dead of summer. It will turn into a hot box quickly. What’s their plan for that?

  4. Disney execs rave about the great views for the guests. All I see is 2 benches facing each other so guests get to enjoy the ‘ view’s of the people across from them. In order to actually see out, people have to crane their necks backwards, or lean way forward to see around those next to them. It would have been a practical no brainer to put the 2 benches back to back in the center for a comfortable view.

  5. Omg and the loading and unloading of strollers coolers and wheel chairs which is a huge issue as it is! I have kids and a father who needs a wheel chair however I don’t hold up or take space or use transportation with an open stroller! Or wheel chair!

  6. I’ve been in gondolas on ski slopes with 50 plus mph winds with no problem. And we all seemed to get out with our ski gear in way less than 19 seconds. The moving gondolas will provide a forced breeze so it will be cooler in the cabins than outside in the hot sun. Obviously not as good as A/C but it’s not going to be as torturous as being out in the Florida sun. I love how people think Disney didnt think about the Florida weather when they decided to go forward with this. Having said that I stay far away from Disney in the summer so I am going to let other folks test these things out just in case Disney did forget Central Florida gets hot and stormy.

  7. I don’t think no A/C will be too bad. The Ngong Ping 360 which operates in boiling Hong Kong heat to Lantau Island is also not Air Conditioned, but it’s not particularly uncomfortable. The main thing is anyway that Ngong lasts for 20 minuetes so a maximum of a 15 minute journey won’t be too bad on these things.

  8. Commenters are jerks and this will be fun. Lack of AC is a complete non-issue, the real issue Is how much will ECV whales and double stroller mommas gunk up the system.

    1. Most if us who use them require an ECV due to medical issues. I had to use one when we visited Disney in 2017 because I am permanently disabled. While I agree it can take slightly longer to get in a bus or the gondola with an ECV, we aren’t doing it to annoy people or because we’re lazy. I worked for 30 years before I became disabled.

  9. I’m guessing that you don’t load and unload at cable speed. The cars separate from the cable to do that.