Five things in ‘Disney Speedstorm’ theme park fans will love

Gameloft’s new racing game “Disney Speedstorm” is now available for early-access play on all major gaming consoles. We were provided with extra early access and found five things in the game that are related to Disney theme parks.

Figment in his race car  in Disney Speedstorm

Speedstorm players can choose from some of their favorite characters and race through environments from (and inspired by) iconic Disney and Pixar worlds, either locally or online with players from around the world.

As we played, we kept our eyes peeled and spotted a ton of references and details that would delight any fan, but since our main focus is attractions, here are five things we found that Disney Parks fans will especially enjoy.

Race through imagination with Figment

Fans of Epcot’s iconic imaginary dragon rejoice! Figment is a playable character in Disney Speedstorm. In the racing photo below, you’ll also notice the skull from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Figment racer selection screen in Disney Speedstorm

Power up your pit crew with iconic parks characters

While playing, you’ll earn shards that can be used to unlock more characters and crew to power up your character and add new abilities. Some of the crew members you can unlock are familiar faces from the theme parks. So far it looks like Dreamfinder, the Dapper Dans, Orange Bird, Sonny Eclipse, the Tiki Room birds, and Smrt-1 are all available!

Hidden details in Toon Village

While racing around the Toon Village track, you may come across the main sign for the area, which resembles the classic Disneyland sign, or even directional signs in the same purple color as older signs you’ll see while driving around Walt Disney World are.

Toon Village in Disney Speedstorm

EARidecent racers

The Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebration may be over, but it brought us a ton of merchandise in the “EARidecent” collection, and some characters can unlock racing gear in the same style.

Earidescent racing uniform for Mickey Mouse in Disney Speedstorm

Spinning Teacups

While “the castle” course isn’t based on Alice in Wonderland, these Beauty and the Beast teacup obstacles certainly remind us of a certain spinning teacup attraction at Magic Kingdom. If you want to stretch it, they could also point to the new trackless dark ride Enchanted Tale of Beauty and The Beast at Tokyo Disneyland, on which you actually do ride in a spinning cup with the same pattern.

Racing through teacups in Disney Speedstorm

How to Play Speedstorm

Speedstorm is now available for Early Access via Founder’s Pack purchase on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PC. In addition to Early Access, players who order a Founder’s Pack will also receive exclusive rewards for Donald Duck – the Toontech Early Bird kart livery and Early Bird racing suit.

Disney Speedstorm Founders Packs

During its Early Access phase, “Disney Speedstorm” will offer both single-player and multiplayer local and online modes, leaderboards, an in-game shop, and much more. In single-player mode, players will be guided through the Season Tour narrative which also serves as a jumping-off point to progress through each Season’s story. Each season offers new Disney and Pixar characters, karts, tracks, and more through local and online gameplay, giving racers plenty to be excited for in the coming months.

More competitive players can jump into “Disney Speedstorm’s” multiplayer modes, which include Local Freeplay, Private Track, Ranked Multiplayer with leaderboards and Regulated Multiplayer – a race mode that allows players to race head-to-head on an even playing field.

With more content and updates coming in the future, maybe we’ll get to play as more iconic parks characters, or even race through the parks themselves? Have you found any nods to the theme parks we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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