Disney’s ‘Ohana fully booked for dinner just hours after reservations open

Just hours ago, ‘Ohana, the famous family-style restaurant at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, opened for reservations — and already, it’s 100% booked out for dinner. This happened, even after the recent outpour of concern for the loss of the ‘Ohana noodles from the menu offering. Some limited breakfast times are available, but you better hurry.

Disney's 'Ohana is fully booked out for dinner this summer.
Photos by Brooke Geiger McDonald

‘Ohaha offers family-style eating for breakfast and dinner. “Family-style” simply means a buffet where the server brings your food to you in phases, starting with appetizers, then entrees, and finishing with a delicious dessert. During these phases, guests are allowed to enjoy as much as they want; the food keeps coming as long as guests ask. You can also request specific items if you know exactly what you want.

‘Ohana has been closed since last year when Walt Disney World shut it doors during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The official re-opening is July 9.

Ohana reservations are fully booked for dinner.

We checked every single day of the open reservation periods for ‘Ohana from the opening on July 9, to the last open day so far, Aug. 9. There is currently not one single open dinner reservation available for any time. That being said, some very limited dates were open for breakfast reservations. If you want to go to breakfast in the near-ish future, you better reserve now.

Dining reservation windows have changed since the parks closed last year. According to Disney, “guests may make advance reservations for dining and other experiences up to 60 days in advance. In addition, Disney Resort hotel guests can make reservations up to 60 days in advance plus the length of their stay (up to 10 days).” That means that staying at a Disney hotel can give you an advantage over other visitors, like single- or multi-day park ticket holders, annual passholders, cast members and other Orlando locals.

List of appetizers to be served at 'Ohana upon re-opening.

But, be warned, there has been a recent uproar in the ‘Ohana fandom about a particular menu item that is missing: the ‘Ohana noodles. The missing item was noticed immediately, and fans went to Twitter to voice their concerns.

As you can see, the noodles were the major talking point for an entire day on DisTwitter. It also means that a lot of us on Twitter have too much time on our hands to make debated thoughts about noodles.

Captain Cook's noodle option is the closest you can currently get to Disney's 'Ohana restaurant.

For now, and possibly through the foreseeable future, if you want good noodles at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort you will need to go to Captain Cook’s. These noodles, while not exactly the same, are the closest you can get to the fan-favorite original for now. The Pan Asian noodles and vegetables sell for $8.49 before tax.

Do the loss of the ‘Ohana noodles affect your desire to visit the restaurant? Do you prefer breakfast or dinner when you visit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. I just want to say that it is extremely selfish for someone to book EVERY NIGHT of their vacation knowing full well that they will not be going. I’m Stunned!! It is amazing to me how selfish and self-centered people are. And then to have the nerve to brag about it. WOW……..

    1. EXACTLY what I was thinking! No WONDER there are no reservations available! This is the same jackass move locals would pull with FO+ – just keep booking “in case” you want to go, then drop at last minute keeping someone else from being able to plan. (and yes, I’m one of those locals, but we NEVER took advantage line that!)

  2. June 19,2021 11:14 p.m. Agreed!! Selfish it is. I would not have the guts to book every night when you are aware that others would just die to get a reservation. Shame on you! I have been to Disney World 21 times and I would have never pulled a stunt like that. The problem is now you are going to give other jerks such as you to pull the the same asinine stunt.. Good riddance😡