Domino master aims to create a collapsible Carowinds masterpiece

Carowinds amusement park in North Carolina is set to feature in a mind-boggling feat of domino-toppling as chain reaction artist Gabe Dean makes the park the subject of his latest collapsible masterpiece.

carowinds amusement park domino master gabe dean
Domino master Gabe Dean
Photos courtesy of Carowinds

Dean, who starred in the new Fox network reality series “Domino Masters,” has spent four days setting up his latest set piece event in Carowinds’ Harmony Hall, where dining guests have been able to watch him and his two partners at work.

And the outcome of all their domino creativity will occur at precisely 11:00 a.m. in Harmony Hall on June 10, 2022, when their specially-constructed tribute to Carowinds aims to come tumbling down in eye-popping sequential fashion.

Amusement park fan Dean, 21, finished third in the 16-team ‘Domino Masters” program, which set up a series of themed elimination challenges each week involving thousands of tiles, and he has returned to one of his favorite haunts to complete a final epic event.

The Carowinds-themed dominos will showcase up to 12,000 pieces in the park’s trademark colors that range from yellow, lime green, and teal to orange, red, and navy.

Classic wooden coaster Hurler, as well as giant swing ride WindSeeker, gravity-defying SlingShot, and the iconic giga-coaster Fury 325 – North America’s longest steel coaster – will all be featured Dean’s chain reaction, along with the Carolina Cyclone and Ricochet rides, if time permits.

carowinds amusement park
Carowinds Fury 325

“My favorite part of the build is the finale wall with the Carowinds logo,” Dean explained. “I love how the logo is elevated and how it ties a nice bow on the overall design. As a big coaster enthusiast and Carowinds season passholder, I think the finale wall will showcase all the amazing things [the park] has to offer.”

Amusement park and domino fans will be able to watch the spectacular chain reaction event during a livestream on Carowinds’ Facebook page tomorrow, June 10, 2022.


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