Energy Bytes opening soon near Tron Lightcyle / Run in Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom will soon have a new snack kiosk, Energy Bytes, opening near the Tron Lightcycle / Run entrance.

Disney announced a new snack spot would soon open in Tomorrowland near the Tron Lightcycle / Run attraction at Magic Kingdom. The new kiosk will be called Energy Bytes.

Disney says the menu drew inspiration from the futuristic environment of Tomorrowland. This new food and beverage kiosk will serve breakfast items, savory snacks, sweet treats, and beverages.

Energy Bytes! chocolate food and drinks at Magic Kingdom

The breakfast options include Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes and Joffrey’s Cold Brew Coffee. The doughnut holes come topped with mocha sauce. The doughnuts cost $5.79. The new caffeinated beverage, Joffrey’s Cold Brew Coffee, also has a mocha sauce for some sweetness. Apparently, in the future, people will still love mocha.

Digital Dumplings at Energy Bytes

Energy Bytes! Magic Kingdom dumplings

Disney chefs designed some “Digital Dumplings” to pair with the Tron attraction theme. These come in two varieties, Buffalo Chicken and Beef & Broccoli. Buffalo Chicken Digitial Dumplings, which cost $8.49, combine chicken dumplings, blue cheese powder, and cayenne pepper broth. Beef & Broccoli Digital Dumplings, which costs $8.79, consists of beef dumplings, broccoli pesto, and ginger-soy broth.

Energy Bytes! ice cream at Magic Kingdom

For those looking for a sweet treat, Energy Bytes offers something for you also. The Strawberry IceOform, according to Disney, makes a refreshing treat with the sweetness of the strawberry ice cream mochi, graham crackers, and a little bit of cheesecake foam to finish it off. This costs $5.29.

Energy Bytes! Watermelon Refresher at Magic Kingdom

In addition, a Watermelon Refresher can be purchased for $5.99 at this new food and beverage location. The Watermelon Refresher comes with yuzu and ginger. Disney states this refresher will perfectly accompany the other items sold at Energy Bytes near Tron Lightcycle / Run.

At this point, Disney has not given an opening date for Energy Bytes yet. We suspect this will open, at least, by the time Tron Lightcyle / Run officially opens to the public on April 4, 2023, but maybe even before if Disney does soft openings for the ride.

What do you think of the new menu items sold here? Also, do you like the name, Energy Bytes or do you think it’s too much?


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