Epcot’s ‘American Adventure’ attraction gets an update with new American icons

The American Adventure will reopen this month after a short refurbishment to update the attraction.

The American Adventure at Epcot has been periodically updated over the past 35 years of its operation to include some of the most important cultural and historic moments in our country’s history.

After a brief update, the attraction will reopen this month with several new enhancements. The attraction will now have a digital projection system to give guests the highest-quality viewing experience.

The show’s finale will also receive an update, and include notable figures who have helped to shape America’s more-recent history, including music composer John Williams, ballerina Misty Copeland and astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

The finale will also include an all-new rendition of the Disney Parks classic song, “Golden Dream.” The song will still feature the music and lyrics that guests love, but with an all-new orchestration.

For more information on The American Adventure and other Epcot offerings, visit disneyworld.com.


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  1. They need to take out or change the terribly depressing song from the Civil War Section, we know it was a tough time, but such a downer during the program. “Cannon Ball Dont Pay No Mind”