Epcot’s new World Celebration: Imagineering behind-the scenes look

Not too long ago, we ran an article on the massive project that is revitalizing Epcot. While the overall project still has years to go, one new area is opening up soon: The Creations Shop.

Behind-the-scenes look at new changes to Epcot's World Celebration.

Opening this summer at Epcot, this new store will be a part of the World Celebration area, formerly known as Future World. Imagineer Zach Riddley has given away some looks into this new space on his Instagram account.

The Creations Shop and the return of Club Cool will be among the many new things to come in Epcot’s revitalization. Earlier this year, we got our look at the new park entrance, which includes a new fountain, retro-inspired spires, new lighting packages and more. The park will continue to debut new offerings as the years go by, like the upcoming “Harmonious” nighttime firework spectacular.

Coca-Cola inspired flooring made with recycled bottles.

One look focused on Club Cool and its Coca-Cola-inspired flooring. These images showcase the recycled coke glass that was used and inspired the new terrazzo floors for the space.

“We are bringing pieces of Coca-Cola products into the materials of the floor itself,” said Riddley. “This terrazzo will incorporate recycled Coca-Cola green glass chips that will capture light and bring the color and connection underfoot.”

Longtime fans of Epcot know about Club Cool, its free soda tastings and its somewhat sticky floor from spilled drinks. This new flooring uses recycled materials to create a look that is both Coca-Cola and Epcot all-in-one.

Light wells being re-used in Creations Shop - World Celebration

Next, we are told to look up at the renewed light wells. These shall no longer provide sunlight, but will instead be internally lit with sustainable, man-made lighting. This will ensure that they are providing light during any part of the day, and will help keep excess cooling needs down due to Florida’s relentless sunshine.

MouseGear Gift Shop Tour at Epcot - 1999-2020

Take a look at this MouseGear video above for a tour of what existed prior to this Creations Shop. The video starts at 0:49 to showcase the — at the time — unused light wells.

LostEpcot photo of light wells in Innoventions.
Photo via LostEpcot.com

Taking a look back to 1999 with this shot by LostEpcot.com, we can see the light wells in use at Innoventions. In this instance, the light wells were used to bring additional natural sunlight to these areas.

Concept art of World Celebration Creations Shop at Epcot.

Taking away the natural lighting does not mean that sunlight won’t be in the space. Massive walls of glass will bring in sunlight and provide a view into World Celebration.

Color palette for Creations Shop.

You can also see the floor-to-ceiling windows in this shot by Riddley.

“We’re developing an entirely new color palette for Epcot. Our Imagineering color designers are amazing, and the hues selected will accentuate the architecture and new neighborhoods coming to life in the front of the park,” added Riddley. “One of the biggest decisions was what color to paint the exterior facades of our new Creations Shop. We were searching for something neutral and warm to perfectly capture the light and architectural details of these renovated buildings while complementing the adjacent Spaceship Earth façade.”

Custom terrazzo flooring designed by Walt Disney Imagineering. - World Celebration

New color palettes are coming to the flooring in the Creations Shop, as well. Bright colors inspired by Mickey Mouse himself will bring the look of World Celebration into the store, emphasize the lighting choices, and be a bold Epcot statement.

These little details are all-important in the steps to bring massive change to Epcot. Future World will become World Nature, World Celebration and World Discovery. And, as seen above, this area will become the Creations Shop and the new Club Cool, set to open sometime this summer.

Are you excited for this next big step in Epcot’s future? Which drink will you grab first at the new Club Cool? Let us know in the comments below.


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