Exclusive: New global-destination theme park and resort under development for Texas

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By Simon & Susan Veness

They call themselves DreamVision, and they dream big – very big – like bigger than the Magic Kingdom and Epcot combined big. And the team behind the vision is ready to start putting some serious flesh on a project that has only been hinted at previously.

The DreamVision Company was started 17 years ago in Orlando by Rick Silanskas and joined in 2009 by Disney Legend and former Executive Vice President and Executive Producer for Walt Disney Entertainment Ron Logan.

Together, the duo have set the ball rolling on a massive undertaking of film, theater and – most importantly – theme park development, that aims to redefine the family entertainment genre with the essence of Walt Disney himself.

It is an immensely ambitious vision, too, as plans call for a massive $4 billion theme park in North Texas with the kind of detail we usually only see in the very best that Disney and Universal have to offer.

But Silanskas and Logan insist it will actually go beyond the current scope of the world’s grandest theme park experiences, as well as turning the clock back to the typical family values espoused by Walt when he first created Disneyland in 1955.

Logan in particular is steeped in the traditions of the Disney ethos and wants to be instrumental in re-inventing the emotional appeal of yesteryear but with the technology of tomorrow, hence the DreamScape park intends to be the biggest and boldest theme park to date.

Silanskas, himself a highly acclaimed producer and composer, believes the project will be “the essence of what Walt would do. From the time I was seven or eight years old, I would watch everything that he was doing and what was coming. I was fascinated by what he created and the way he presented it. I am humbled by Walt. He is truly a great inspiration.”

Now, with Logan assembling a heavyweight team of experienced park designers and artists from among his own generation of creative talent, they are putting the final touches to the plans for DreamVision Mountain, DreamScape, a 10,000-acre development that will encompass the main theme park, hotels, retail and nightlife.

While much remains to be confirmed, we can reveal that the park will have themed lands featuring elements of both the East and West Coast of America. An iconic central mountain attraction will be on a truly vast scale.

DreamVision is already in the process of setting up animation and motion picture production studios studios in North Texas and Utah, and their highly advanced but classically-styled CGI short features “Hooked” and “Unsung Hero” have already gained critical acclaim.

It all points to a movie company in the innovative style of Pixar Animation Studios, but with a separate theme park division and their own theatrical production company.

We sat down with Rick and Ron recently to learn the full story of their inspirational drive to create DreamVision, and especially DreamVision Mountain, DreamScape, and we will have much more to share with readers in the Fall edition of Attractions Magazine, available in mid-September.


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  1. This sounds very exciting. I hope they pull it off. I know Disney teased Texas a number of times, but never pulled the string on it. Only issue in North Texas will be winter storms that like to blow through with ice.

    1. Disneyland Paris gets plenty of snow throughout the Winter. At least in North Texas it may only last 1-2 days.

  2. Very interesting, but until I hear full funding is actually in place and construction has begun will wait to see what developes. If the theme park really has 4 billion allocated for it alone and in the opening phase that could certainly put a nice part together.

    1. The park is larger than the Magic Kingdom AND EPCOT combined at 15,000 acres!
      Watch for the full article coming out on Sept 1 !!!!
      Dreamvision = The new Disney
      A little snow will be no problem I assure you!
      Follow Attractions Magazine for the full report in their fall issue to be released on on Sept 1st.